Celtics-Knicks Fallout: Really Carmelo? You Want To F*CK With KG In A Street Fight? (VIDEO)

Looks like the Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony wanted to have a schoolyard brawl with Kevin Garnett of the Celtics after his team’s 102-96 loss.

In the video, you can see Melo (red hat) waiting for KG outside of Boston’s team bus. This seems more of a PR stunt or an image thing for Anthony.

In his mind, does he actually think he could beat up Kevin “Mr. Intensity” Garnett in a street fight.


(ART: DeRoy Designs)

Come on Melo, KG head butts the basket before each game.

He would DEVOUR you.

So when do the Celtics & Knicks play again?

This is going to get really INTERESTING!

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