NHL Owners Ratify CBA , Jacobs & Bettman Say “Sorry” To Fans (What Bull Sh*t)

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(MEME: Masshole Sports)

After 113 days of power plays, strong arming, propaganda, dying on hills and utter BS, the NHL lockout is over.

Hockey is back  and the fans can breathe a sigh of relief…finally…No wait!

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and Chairman Of The Board/Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs, continue to blow smoke up the fans’ asses. These two TURDS are responsible for losing over half the season, billions of dollars, tarnishing the brand (even more if that is possible) and costing local businesses/workers wages and revenue that they can NEVER get back.

So rather than shut the F*ck up and go count the billions under the mattresses…they need to INFURIATE their fans that continue to get kicked in the junk for the love of the game….

Today, the NHL Owners ratified the CBA.

Well that’s GRRRRREAT! Get ready for another lockout in 2023!

By a show of hands who believes he is sorry…..*crickets*……Bueller…..Bueller.

You don’t say Gary!?

For 10 years anyways….or maybe 8!

 Does anyone thinks this TWIT even knows what Twitter is?

10% off $12 Beers for a week!

 So committing professional sports suicide is growing the game? Did I MISS something?

Now for our buddy JJ….I am ASHAMED to have him as the owner of my beloved Bruins

hahahahahahahaha……my sides hurt!

 Wait….hahahaha…..he LOVES the game…hahahaha…this is as funny as the first time I saw the “Hangover”.


Can these two guys….just GO THE F*CK AWAY!

Please stop INSULTING the intelligence of your customers.

Hire a PR agency so you can stop putting your foot in your mouth and slowly bleed your “brand” to death.

As fans, we are just sick and tired of your BULLSH*T!

Can’t wait to do this all over again in 2023…..wooooo!

2 comments on “NHL Owners Ratify CBA , Jacobs & Bettman Say “Sorry” To Fans (What Bull Sh*t)”

  1. tsj says:

    The very notion that Gary Bettman would remain as commissioner shows precisely how the owners feel about their fans: no love, no respect, no hope for the future.

    1. joegill88 says:

      So true..get ready for a lockout in 8-10 years!

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