Patriots Email Shows Texans’ QB Matt Schaub In All His “Deer In The Headlights” Glory (PHOTO)


(Photo: Patriots Email)

Wow, even the Patriots marketing department knows that Texans’ quarterback Matt Schaub looks like a “deer in the headlights”. Actually forget the headlights, the signal caller for Houston looks like a deer head mounted on the wall after his shellacking at the hands of the Patriots in December.

Since that beat-down, the Texans have gone 2-3 including their playoff squeaker versus the Cincinnati Bengals, 19-13.

Schaub has literally SH*T his pants when it counts. With the number one seed in the AFC on the line, Schaub has ONE touchdown pass and four interceptions in his last five games.


Yep, Tom Brady’s Pom-Pom hat does have bigger cajones than you Matt Schaub.

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