NHL, Boston Bruins Making Efforts To WIN Back The Fans….Kind Of (VIDEOS)

Dan Rosen, I COMPLETELY agree. This video is an INSULT to the intelligence of hockey fans.

“They want the game to MEAN something. They want the game to MATTER.”

HAHA…that’s HILARIOUS. The NHL is promoting something they don’t even believe or care about.

Then NHL owners like those of the Chicago Blackhawks post form letters (probably from the LAST lockout) to their fans:


(SCREEN CAP: Chicago Blackhawks)



Are these guys kidding me?

Where is the LOYALTY to their fans?  Their customers!

OH YEAH, loyalty only works one way in their eyes.

Other teams around the league are trying to make GOOD with the fans where it counts….their WALLETS.

The Penguins are doing the following for the fans:

Here is what the team has planned:

• All fans are welcome to attend training camp, free of charge, at Consol Energy Center next week. Camp is expected to begin this weekend. Fans ordinarily are only welcome to attend the practices at Southpointe.

• All merchandise at Consol Energy Center and South Side Works PensGear locations will be sold at 50 percent off during the team‘s first four home games. The NHL schedule will be released this weekend after the players vote.

• Fans attending the first four games will receive a voucher and may enjoy three free items from a list that includes hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, nachos, popcorn, pretzels, salads and soft drinks.

• The team will host contests on its website during the next week. Prizes will include a pair of tickets to every home game during the 2013 regular season; a trip for two to see the Penguins play the Rangers in New York; autographed sweaters from Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, and Marc-Andre Fleury; four front-row seats for the home opener, which includes dinner in the Lexus Club and a limo ride to and from the game; two five-game mini-plans; six lower-bowl tickets to any regular-season games and a gift certificate for $700 at PensGear.


Michael Giardi (@MikeGiardi)
Mr. Jacobs, your move “@ian_mendes: On opening night, Sens will offer free tickets to fans 14 & under, free parking and 50% off merchandise

Well, here are Mr. Jacobs moves Bruins fans.

His marketing machine made a NHL-esque Cheesefest “We Miss You, Sorry & All That BS” video (see above).

The Bruins’  initiatives are as follows according to their press release:

Among the highlights, the Bruins will distribute free concession vouchers to all fans at Bruins home games during the entire month of January. These vouchers will enable each fan to receive three complimentary food or nonalcoholic beverage items from a select menu. Also during the month of January, fans will receive 25-percent off all merchandise in the Boston Bruins ProShop and Fan Zones during home games, with Bruins Season Ticket Holders and Premium Club clients being offered a 30-percent discount.

For Opening Night presented by TD Bank on January 19 against the New York Rangers at the TD Garden, fans will have the chance to receive game-worn players’ jerseys through a Shirts Off Our Backs promotion. Fans will also have the opportunity to win a number of unique prizes, including the opportunity to fly with the Bruins on their team charter to an away game and the chance to visit the Bruins locker room post-game.

Fans should also be aware that the team’s Training Camp, which opens on Sunday, January 13 at the TD Garden at 1:00 p.m. ET, is free and open to the public. There will be free parking, in addition to complimentary concession items, including hot dogs, popcorn, cookies, soda and coffee.

Is it NO SURPRISE  that the Bruins “We are WICKED sorry fans” programs are not as good as the Penguins & Senators.


Looks like Jeremy Jacobs and the Bruins have done the BEAR minimum for their LOYAL fans.

JJ showed his LOYALTY by offering 20% LESS on merchandise than other teams in the league.

Thanks for NOTHING.

Wouldn’t it had made much more sense (which the NHL higher ups have a lack of) to have a league wide “We are SORRY fans for SCREWING you AGAIN” program?

No NHL customers could claim that one team’s fan were getting it better than them.

Instead it shows that teams like the Bruins are doing what they want to do rather what they HAVE To do to heal the wounds of their BATTERED & ABUSED fan base.


What is this? Autographed sticks for season ticket holders?


Jacobs will probably sell these to recoop some of the money he lost for being an @sshole during CBA negotiations.

4 comments on “NHL, Boston Bruins Making Efforts To WIN Back The Fans….Kind Of (VIDEOS)”

  1. iggy1988 says:

    Do we have a confirmation anywhere on when home opener tickets go on sale? I have been informed it is Wednesday 2pm…..

    1. joegill88 says:

      Thats what I heard

  2. Mark says:

    50% off merch would have been nice but the programs look the same to me. At least they offered free concessions at the Garden (for practice) and winning a trip to fly with the Bruins is a big thing. They could have done more, but all I really care about is watching hockey again. As for the letters to fans, I’m sure some people in the organization are sorry it took so long. Maybe not JJ, but people like Neely probably feel for the fans.

    1. joegill88 says:

      Good points! Thanks for reading.

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