Percy Harvin In New England? Don’t Count On It

Percy Harvin is being shopped around by the Vikings

Percy Harvin is being shopped around by the Vikings

Just because the season is over, doesn’t mean the football minds go to rest. In the past few days, the idea of Percy Harvin coming to New England to play with Tom and the boys has taken over the NFL. Harvin has been a very productive player ever since he left Florida and came to the NFL in 2009. He is like a Swiss army knife, the guy can almost do it all. He can run, he can catch, he can return kicks and he is one of the most explosive players in the league right now.

This past year Harvin was plagued by injury, but before hitting the injured reserve he was on pace for an MVP like season. Imagine if the Vikings had two healthy MVP caliber players on that team? Who knows if the 49ers would have been NFC champs. The issue with Harvin in Minnesota is that he and coach Leslie Frazier do not get along too well, so if the Vikings were to cut ties with the wide out it would have to be done through a trade. This could be great for Minnesota because Harvin is a valuable player who could get you something great in return, but if you’re the Patriots this move makes no sense and here’s why.

Injuries: I know what you are thinking, “before this year Harvin played in basically every game since he has been in the league”. That’s true, he has played in plenty of games but what people forget is how many times he has had to leave the field during a game. He has left because of migraines, ankle issues and cramps throughout his career. Is that really worth the risk?

Word on the street is that Belichick been a fan of Harvin since he played at Florida

Word on the street is that Belichick been a fan of Harvin since he played at Florida

Compensation: Harvin is a pro bowl caliber player who can help a team in so many different ways. The Vikings are going to want something big in return. As we all know, the NFL isn’t a league that likes to swap players for players so they use picks instead. Anybody who knows the Patriots knows we value our draft picks very highly and we don’t just throw away good picks. Harvin will likely come with a price tag of a round 1, 2 or 3 pick and again, if you know the Patriots those are extremely valuable here. The only time Belichick trades those picks is if he gets future picks in return. Aside from Laurence Maroney, when has Belichick missed on a first round pick?

Draft Picks: The Patriots only have 5 picks this year in the draft. Is it really worth giving up one of those early round picks to improve a position we don’t need help with?

His Contract: Harvin is just one year away from free agency. We all know wide receivers like to play the “diva” role and a player like Harvin will want as much money possible. Does anything the Patriots do make you think they will trade for a guy with a year left on his deal? And no, that’s not the same as Aqib Talib because he clearly has a future here. Harvin may not.

Wes Welker: Why do we need a player like Harvin anyways? Is he an upgrade over Welker? He may be faster and he may have good hands, but the relationship between Welker and Brady is stronger than ever. Why would anybody want to break that up and risk bringing in a new guy? If we don’t bring Welker back its most likely going to be because they are changing the offense to focus on the tight ends, not because they want someone “better”.

Bottom line: there is no room in this huddle for Percy Harvin

Bottom line: there is no room in this huddle for Percy Harvin

The Offense: The Patriots offense just flat out does not need Percy Harvin. We do not need help scoring points. We do not need someone to take the top off the defense. We don’t need someone who is explosive like Harvin. He just would not fit here.

Happiness: Will coming to New England even make Percy Harvin happy? He already hates that he doesn’t do enough in Minnesota, why would he want to come to a place where he wouldn’t be the feature player in an offense. Here he has to deal with two of the leagues best tight ends, four running backs who all get touches and all do different things, and guys like Brandon Lloyd and Welker who are better receivers.

Having Harvin in New England would obviously be a plus. He would be another weapon for the offense and there are not many players like him in the NFL, but it just doesn’t make sense for the Patriots to bring him here so don’t get too excited.


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  1. Ron Jeremy says:

    I hope New England does not trade for Harvin. He would make that team too explosive to handle. Plus Tom Brady will only be good for 3 more years and Harvin has at least 6 years left in him, so why put money into a guy who will be worthless without a QB to throw to him.

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