It’s Time To “Pump The Brakes” On The Demise Of Tyler Seguin


Sure, it’s frustrating.

Sure, it’s disappointing.

Sure, “The Kid” has not come out of the gate gangbusters like we all hoped. But Bruins nation it’s time to “pump the  brakes” on Tyler Seguin’s demise.

He is NOT Rob Cimetta or Shayne Stevenson (you may have to Google them if you are younger than 30).

Have FAITH in him….

I have developed a “Bromance” with #19 ever since he came into the league in 2010. I stuck with him during his less than impressive rookie campaign where he had 22 points in 74 games. Seguin did make progress as he endured growing pains.

Tyler Seguin did not have the rookie season that many Bruins’ fans envisioned. He didn’t score 30 goals or 60 points(22 points in 74 games). He didn’t have too many highlight reel offensive plays, but he has shown sparks of brilliance(especially in the shootout). Seguin matured as the season went on and his play showed that. Unlike Taylor Hall, Tyler Seguin was not thrown into the fire right away. He was able to progress by observing and learning from his miscues.

Seguin did not suffer through the dreaded sophomore slump in his second season rather he made a great strides.

He led the Bruins in scoring with 67 points in 81 games.

He was the lone bright spot in a disappointing playoff performance as the Bruins got knocked out in the first round by the Capitals.

Then it happened….

The DREADED NHL Lockout.

Momentum gone.

So Tyler Seguin took his talents to Switzerland as the NHL & NHLPA warred and embarrassed their sport yet again.

And what did he do there?

He just laid waste to inferior talent. In just 29 games, he tallied 25 goals and 15 assists. He left Bruins fans like myself salivating upon his return.

We all expected the same performance when he finally put on the “Spoked B” of the Black & Gold.

And that was UNFAIR. We all had delusions of grandeur due to our hunger for Bruins hockey.

The “Swiss Cheese” league and the NHL are night and day. There is ZERO hitting and they play on a large ice surface, so this is why Seguin flourished in epic fashion.

We all know physical play is not #19’s calling card and he uses his speed as a deadly weapon. So playing overseas fed his strengths and did not expose the 21 year old’s weaknesses.

Now skeptics will say, well Patrick Kane played in Switzerland and he is killing it with the Blackhawks (9-12-21 points in 14 games).

Well Kane has played two more years than Seguin and has matured faster. Plus Chicago has more talent and offensive punch than the Bruins. And you are as good as your surrounding cast.

Three years later, Seguin is still trying to find that lethal chemistry with his current linemates (Bergeron & Marchand). However, David Krejci seems to be the one that makes Tyler Seguin’s motor run.

They showed brilliance in spurts last year and flashes this season, but Claude Julien does not stick with it.

You can’t blame Seguin for that.

You also can’t blame Seguin for his lack of time on the power play. Rather than utilizing his weapons, Julien puts out the ever ineffective Chris Bourque. Not sure if Julien thinks that Bourque’s father will be channeled on the ice, but it’s clearly not working.

So it’s no surpise that the Bruins have one of the worst power plays in the NHL.

So Seguin is a victim of the system thus far and he is still trying to bring his physical level up to NHL standards.

Our romances and bromances may be a fleeting a bit for “The Kid” but if you really “love” someone, you hang in there and let them work through their problems.

Let your love set Seguin free and will wreak his havoc on the NHL.

Be patient my friends, be patient.


  • The Kid Will Bounce Back..Mark My Words!

  • Boston has one of the worst power plays? Are you on glue? Boston might have the worst power play out of the top 4 teams (bar Chicago). And sorry to burst your bromance. The b's could get better bang for their buck with a good trade. Seguin hasn't been the clutch player we saw in 2011. And has been inconsistent since an even before. I like the guy but he needs a new team so he can hopefully get motivated.

  • There is nothing wrong with Seguin – he just doesn't fit into the cheap shot backstabbing style of the Bruins. This kid will never be the star he is on the Buffoons – trade him to a team that can advance his talent – not stifle it.

  • The cheap shot backstabbing bruins? Would you like to elaborate on that?

  • Obviously the Tas or "ass" is a montreal canadiennes fan so he would have no idea what a team that plays with heart looks like.He probably prefers the selfish overbearing pkay of P.K. Subban. Hey Tas you might want to switch to tbe Awesome Bruins so that you can experience the finals cause your craphole team aint going anywhere near the cup…so hold '93in your heart .

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