Is There Room On This Red Sox Team For Alfredo Aceves?

Alfredo Aceves has already clashed with new manager John Farrell one week into camp.

Alfredo Aceves has already clashed with new manager John Farrell one week into camp.

The laundry list of things Alfredo Aceves has done got longer this past weekend with him lobbing balls during batting practice when he was supposed to be giving full effort.  Manager John Farrell did not appreciate the stunt Aceves pulled even after pitching coach Juan Nieves said to go full speed.  Apparently it has been addressed and the team is ready to move on.  Moving on from Aceves could be the next move.  No question Aceves is talented, the guy can pitch and is not afraid on the mound of anything.  Sometimes that comes back to bite him.  Last year he was forced into a new role as closer and for a time he did well after blowing two games in the first weekend.

Aceves, when his head is on straight can be a force on the mound. Before last season he had two loses in his career.  The Yankees let him go for what we assume the same reasons the Red Sox met with his agent, the guy has a screw lose. He wears number 91 in honor of Dennis Rodman, whom he idolizes. Is that not a red flag? With the World Baseball Classic this year Aceves, will be away from the Red Sox for two weeks as he represents Team Mexico.  During those two weeks the Red Sox can really gauge whether or not to keep Aceves on the team.  He is cheap and good pitching never comes cheap but, it is worth the head games from him with a team preaching clubhouse guys and chemistry?

I would not say just cut Aceves loose because he could be a valuable chip for trade.  Teams may stay away because of the baggage he brings but if you can pitch, teams will tolerate anything.  I do not believe he should be on this team this year.  After last year with being upset over not being in a save situation or taking a strange route to the dugout to avoid Bobby Valentine, he wore out his welcome. The team is preaching new identity with a whole new staff.  Farrell has said he wants people to be accountable and show up on time.  Aceves would seem to give a thrilling interview, I just feel like the staff doesn’t have a handle on him.

John Farrell had an incident last year in Toronto with Yunel Escobar where the shortstop had a homophobic slur on his eye black.  This incident was huge in baseball as Escober was suspended and seemingly Farrell did not notice the eye black.  I understand players should be accountable for themselves but a manager should not have allowed such things to happen.  Farrell is known from his pitching coach days but now he leads the Red Sox team.  I fear an incident between him and Aceves is inevitable.

This is the fourth manager in four years for Aceves, to say it is his fault I’d be lying, but maybe he does not take orders well.  If his head was on straight Aceves would be wanted by every team.  He was the best Red Sox player in the month of September 2011 and most of the 2011 season doing everything for the team.  It felt like he pitched in every game in September after each starter could not get out of six innings.  Not sure he is a starter but he will be starting for Mexico in the World Baseball Classic. He is a great long man.  He should not be considered as a closer. What will he be this season? Please tell us John Farrell and Ben Cherington.

2 comments on “Is There Room On This Red Sox Team For Alfredo Aceves?”

  1. evonsports says:

    It may come down to Aceves or Clay Mortensen…who would you rather have?

  2. Nathan Farrell says:

    Honest opinion Aceves. Mortensen is talented just feel like Aceves can do more although Aceves will get you more back in a trade.

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