Boston Celtics Relatively Quiet at Trade Deadline

Celtics fans can only hope that Jordan Crawford is bringing his scoring prowess to Boston

Celtics fans can only hope that Jordan Crawford is bringing his scoring prowess to Boston

For all the hoopla that surrounded the Boston Celtics in recent weeks, the trade deadline came and went with minimal activity.  For those of you hoping to see Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and/or Rajon Rondo go in a blockbuster deadline deal, sorry.  For those of you, like me, who anticipated that Celtics GM Danny Ainge would stand pat at the deadline, well you were right (sort-of).  In a late mid-afternoon deal, which first came to light in the early morning, the Celtics and Washington Wizards came to an agreement in which the Wizards sent Jordan Crawford to Boston for ½ of Leandro Barbsoa and Jason Collins.

Crawford has had what many would call an uninspiring NBA career.  He has averaged the following numbers: 26.2 minutes per game, 13.4 points, 3.1 assists, 2.7 rebounds.  Not to shabby for a guy who once was known for dunking on LeBron James before coming to the league. After becoming the 27th pick in the 2010 NBA draft, Crawford put up promising stats for three seasons; however, he continually fell out of favor in Washington, especially after the recent return of John Wall.  That’s what so lackluster about him, he has received 4-straight DNP Coach’s decisions in a row in Washington.

Before we jump to any conclusions, lets be honest, Jordan Crawford isn’t the Celtics savior whatsoever.  What he is, is a bench player who can flat out shoot the ball. When poised, Crawford can score the basketball.  After Barbosa’s ACL injury, Ainge knew he needed someone who could come off the bench and do just that.  While I am not advocating for the deal whatsoever, I look at it as more of a necessity.  I don’t like Crawford as a player, but I really do believe that he has some tremendous upside as far as the rest of the season goes.  Prediction: The Celtics will eventually come to rely on his scoring ability with similarity to their dependence on Barbosa’s.

Where Crawford fits in remains to be seen.  He can be an enigma sometimes, often falling out of favor for his “chuck every shot in sight” attitude; however, he also holds some serious potential as a threat to score off the bench in bunches.  Coach Doc Rivers summed it up nicely when he said, “I know he can score and that’s something we needed.”  With all luck, the Celtics can hope that removing Crawford from a losing culture in Washington and brining him to a veteran laden Boston team, with a winning attitude, will be enough to spark his confidence going forward.

In reality, the trade can be summed up as this: Boston gave up 2 players; one was out for the year and not under contract beyond that.  The other was a veteran presence who was the first big man off the bench; however, he only averaged ten minutes and under two points/rebounds a game.  In the grand scheme of things, this deal makes sense.  Lets just hope it will be enough.

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