Pissed Off Patriots Hoodie: Did “Sticking It” In Bill Belichick’s Face & The Foot Jokes Lead To Welker’s Exit? (VIDEOS)


Wes Welker Caught 672 Balls For The Patriots Over Six Seasons

The Wes Welker era In New England has officially ended on March 13, 2013. The Patriots let him go to Denver Broncos for a measly 2 year-12 million dollar deal.

But the question every Patriots fan is asking…is why?

It was not because of his regular season production. All Wes Welker did was catch 672 passes over 6 seasons.

He was the spark plug that made New England’s lethal offense go.

All he did as sacrifice his body over the middle as linebackers and safeties teed off on him. He was cut from the same cloth as Troy Brown. He gave his all, all the time, but just didn’t have the championship bling.

So why did the Patriots let Wes Welker walk?

There were the two big drops in the Super Bowl versus the Giants and this past AFC Championship against the Ravens. But you can not blame those two losses on him and him alone. The New England Patriots could not finish on defense in both those games.

The REAL reason is that he PISSED off the All Powerful Hoodie more than once. There was the “foot presser” during prior to the Jets playoff lose.

If you recall, Belichick was so pissed off that he benched Welker, his best offensive weapon,  for the first series in the loss to New York. The Patriots went on to lose that game at home, 28-21.

Then there was Wes Welker’s joke about “Stickin’ It In Bill’s Face” after his team’s victory against the Broncos this past season.

This was not much of a joke as Welker was trying to rib Belichick and rightfully so for using him sparingly in the season opener versus the Titans. At the end of the day, Welker wore out his welcome with Bill Belichick and it became personal. Owner Bob Kraft can be all sentimental as he wants being an ex season ticket holder, but the head coach is the one that “Shops for the Groceries” to coin a phrase.

Let’s hope Bill’s grocery list does not consist of a broken down Danny Amendola and having a pissed off Tom Brady in aisle three.


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