Jonny Gomes Expected To Be A Reliable Body For Red Sox

If Jonny Gomes expects to have as much time off as he did last year, he’s in for a surprise as the Red Sox will be expecting him to play in more than 99 games this season, which is the amount of games he played in last year for the Oakland Athletics. He can also expect to play in the field every game, something he didn’t do last year as well. After signing a two year, $10 Million deal, the Red Sox are expecting more out of him than the A’s did a year ago.

Jonny Gomes


Gomes has been in the league for seven full seasons now, and the most games he’s played in came in 2010 with the Cincinnati Reds, when he appeared in 148 games. The next year he played in 120 between the Reds and Washington Nationals. This season the Red Sox seem to lack outfield depth, and Gomes, along with Ellsbury and Victorino, will need to stay healthy and be able to play every day.

Since the Red Sox signed Gomes in the offseason, the brainwashing front office has tried to convince fans and the media that Gomes can and will play every day, by calling Gomes “Ironsides.” Signing Gomes was not as a flashy as the signing of Carl Crawford two years ago, and the front office has tried to build Gomes up as the Anti-Crawford. Sure he may not have the speed or the athleticism of the Carl Crawford we saw in Tampa Bay, but Gomes isn’t as injury-prone and should be able to play the majority of the season.

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Last season with the A’s he hit .262 with 18 Homeruns and just 47 RBI’s in 99 games. The A’s used Gomes a platoon for their outfielders and as a DH. His numbers as a platoon player proved to be to par, and the A’s only thought he was worth half of what the Red Sox did.

With Ryan Kalish ending his season before it began with an injury, even more pressure is put on Gomes to succeed in Leftfield for the Red Sox. In 31 games in the outfield last season Gomes committed just 2 errors, and he’s never been known to be a great a hitter. His best year offensively was his rookie season in 2005 with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, when he hit .282 with 21 homeruns.

By signing a two year deal, the Red Sox have made it obvious that Gomes is just a player to help the team “Cross the Bridge” which should be complete in two- three years. He’s just playing in Boston to while the top prospects of the organization are fine-tuned in the minors.

The biggest name as of right now the Red Sox are waiting for is Jackie Bradley Jr., who is tearing it up in spring training, and may even get the call to the majors this season if he’s needed and truly ready.

Ben Cherington and the front office signed Gomes instead of bringing back one of the few bright spots in a dismal 2012 season, Cody Ross. Ross signed with Arizona, and the Red Sox settled on Gomes.

The front office isn’t expecting much from Gomes. All they are anticipating his him showing up to the ballpark everyday and being a body in the leftfield. Then again, they probably didn’t expect much out of Cody Ross last year, but he gave them much more.

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