Boston Bruins Tweets Of Interest: Seids Has A Big Red C*ck & Seguin’s Dog Sings

In this social media age, NEWS and ODDITIES are all around you and at your fingertips. With a tap of your smartphone, you can find out what your favorite athlete or celeb is doing and thinking. Some things make you LAUGH YOUR ASS OFF or SCRATCH YOUR HEAD.

The members of the Boston Bruins are no different, they are quite in tune with the Twitter machine.

In this edition: The German Hammer has a big red cock….shirt & Seguin’s dog has some singing chops

Big goal by a big German for a big win.


Tyler’s dog misses him and sings his misery in a sad song. I am still trying to figure out why Freddy Bender is filming himself in his bathrobe and underwear.

Go Bruins keep it up in Toronto (yeah, yeah that’s what she said!).

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