The Good, The Bad & Bergy: Bruins Fans’ Hearts Break Again For Bergeron After Concussion

Boston Bruins v Vancouver Canucks - Game Seven

Bruins fan favorite Patrice Bergeron has had a lot of GOOD in his 9 year career. He is a Stanley Cup champion, a gold medalist & Selke winner. He is a true leader and as Shawn Thornton said the most mature 27 year old he knows. Bergy has helped mold Brad Marchand and Tyler Seguin into very good NHL players.  And he is arguably the best two way player in the National Hockey League.

But the hockey gods do not care what kind of model citizen you are or how much you mean to a franchise…..

When Patrice Bergeron took an inadvertent elbow to the head from the Senators’ Colin Greening, Bruins nation gasped in unison.

Everyone on Twitter was praying it was a shoulder and not his head… not another concussion.

Then it got BAD for the alternate captain and soul of the Boston Bruins, our WORST fears were realized.

Patrice Bergeron is out indefinitely. These are words that make Bruins fans’ hearts fall deep in the pit of their stomachs.

Bergeron’s value to the Bruins can not be measured.  Not by face-offs won or penalties killed or goals or assists.

He is woven into the team’s fabric. When he is removed, the Bruins look different and out of place. They sail listless without their rudder.

Case in point during the 2011 Stanley Cup run when he was injured in Game 4 vs. Philly, the Bruins just didn’t look “right” vs Tampa. They dropped Game One at home and squeaked out a 6-5 victory in a defenseless Game Two.

It was no surprise upon his return that the Bruins posted a 2-0 shutout and he was the third star of the game posting two shots, winning 18 of 28 faceoffs and playing 19 minutes, 13 seconds.

And we all know what he did in Game 7 versus Vancouver.

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This is Bergy’s FOURTH concussion since 2007 and that should scare everyone.

How many more concussions does #37 endure before he says enough is enough? He is getting married this summer and he doesn’t want to be incapacitated like his former teammate Marc Savard.

So what’s next for Bergy?

Only time will tell but he should know the fans truly love him for the blood, sweat and tears he gives EVERY night.

He is our BROTHER.

Get well soon Patrice…



  • God bless you #37 and whatever you choose, TRUE Bruins fans will stand by you! (even if we'd rather you were on the ice!)

  • From one Bergeron to another, Get well soon Patrice!!! We will miss you.

  • get well we want you back …but if you can't anymore ….then that's ok …You're a young man and have the rest of your life to live…Thank you for your die hard Bruins attitude …You rock bro!!!

  • Bergy is a young man with his whole life ahead of him. Hes getting married this summer probably start a family in the future.If he were to walk away today I would not blame him one bit. Heartbroken ,crushed for sure. From uncle Milty , to bobby orr to ray bourqe Mr Patrice Bergeron has give everything to the Boston Bruins and its fans. He wore that spoked B on his chest as proud as any. What ever the future holds this young man,may he have good health and happiness.

  • Bergy is the heart & soul of the Bruins. Even when the team is struggling, he still goes full throttle. Lets pray he recovers for his health first & hockey second. #winitforbergy

  • i think everyone is hitting the panic button too quickly, its moderate and it has been long enough between concussions, give him a few weeks,lets see if he has any setbacks, my call is that he is back before playoffs start, from one ex hockey player to another hockey player!!

  • this article reads like an obituary.

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