The ONLY Thing Good That Happened During The Bruins Game…..Mangled Hab (VIDEO)

When you can’t get a SINGLE shot off during a two-man advantage in the final minute of a one goal game, there isn’t much to talk about without PUKING. However, MANGLED HAB, makes every Bruins fan happy especially when he was the aggressor.

Alexei Emelin of the Canadiens “tried” to run Milan Lucic and he is going to lose that battle 10 out of 10 times…..and he did just that.

Just surprised no one call 9-1-1.

911 BSTN (2)

(Shirt is no longer available)

This is the same player that crosschecked Tyler Seguin & got his face re-arranged by Zdeno Chara…

Your team may have the Bruins number this year, but they KICKED YOUR ASS…..punk.

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