A’s Series Signals Adios To Alfredo

We are all lead to believe Alfredo Aceves has played his last game in a Red Sox uniform.

We are all lead to believe Alfredo Aceves has played his last game in a Red Sox uniform.

With the Oakland A’s coming to town this week after the Red Sox had an emotional weekend series with the Kansas City Royals, the Sox were looking for one more start out of Alfredo Aceves before turning it back to John Lackey hopefully this Sunday.  It could not have gone worse. A rain shortened seven inning game which the Red Sox lost 13-0 with Aceves not getting out of the 4th inning.  Aceves walked four, gave up eight runs, seven of them earned.  Obviously this performance was something no team is looking for when it comes to starting pitching.

After the game Aceves seemed to have a grip on the situation wondering why his team wasn’t hitting.  Can’t blame the weather Alfredo, Bartolo Colon pitched all seven innings and allowed no runs.  Apparently Colon messed up the mound on Aceves and had it filled in the third inning.  Comparing two performances is not hard to do when the weather is the same for both of them.  Everyone saw the conditions, you would have had to pay me to go to that game.

Aceves known for his crazy personality has had multiple run ins already this year.  In early spring training he was lobbing balls into hitters when pitchers were supposed to be giving it a full go. In the World Baseball Classic he was a part of the brawl between Team Mexico and Team Canada.  Larry Walked was quoted as saying he, “saw Satan” in Aceves’ eyes.  After the Classic, Aceves entered a game against the Rays and hit Sean Rodriguez with a pitch, almost causing another brawl.  Entering the season Aceves started as the long man in the bullpen.  John Lackey got hurt in his first start and Aceves stepped in to make three starts, never lasting more than five innings.  Is he a starter? Is he a reliever?

Right now Aceves is a minor leaguer.  After Wednesday’s 6-5 win over Oakland the Red Sox optioned him to Triple A Pawtucket.  Aceves has 72 hours to report to Pawtucket.  The likelihood of him reporting I really don’t know.  Him taking this demotion well is not something I expect.  The Red Sox are trying to get something for him by holding onto him instead of outright releasing him.  He was not good in the clubhouse as we saw.  Hopefully he doesn’t infect the Pawtucket clubhouse as well, having young players who are trying to reach the big leagues.  The team is making an example of him, who not to be like.  Manager John Farrell said the demotion is solely performance based, but I feel it is not.  See how long he can stay down there and not flip a gasket, until you can trade him to a team in need of a reliever for some value.

After a spring training full of incidents I feel Aceves made the team only because of injuries to the bullpen with Craig Breslow and Franklin Morales down.  Now that the team sent him to the minor leagues I believe Alfredo Aceves has played his last game in a Red Sox uniform.  Alex Wilson has looked good in a few appearances and the team recently called up Daniel Bard from Double A Portland.  With Bard passing Aceves on the depth chart that truly tells you something.  Alfredo it was nice knowing you.  He was one of the few players who looked to be trying in the horrible collapse of September 2011.  This years Red Sox are different though, no nonsense, no clubhouse problems.  It’s a Red Sox team I like to watch.

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