New England Patriots Draft Review: Day Two

Roger Goodell may be done announcing picks, but I'm not!

Roger Goodell may be done announcing picks, but I’m not!

Another day down and we now know who some of the newest members of the New England Patriots are going to be. I am very happy that the Patriots used all four of their picks and they addressed the major needs along the way.

Other than Jamie Collins, I did really mention any of these guys. They were not the highest rated players at their positions and they were not the best players available when they were picked. With that said, they are all quality players who can make an impact on this team.

So let’s meet the new guys, shall we?

I am beyond excited to watch Collins play, even if it's in a limited role.

I am beyond excited to watch Collins play, even if it’s in a limited role.

Round 2, Pick 52 – Jamie Collins, Outside Linebacker, Southern Mississippi

When I first saw that Jamie Collins was going to be a Patriot, I screamed and flashed a few fist pumps. Collins is one of the best OLBs in this draft and his combine numbers were great. He is 6’3, 250 pounds and he ran a 4.64 in the 40. Collins came to Southern Miss as a safety and later converted to linebacker. So, naturally he knows how to cover and that is so important for the Patriots.

Jamie Collins will come into Foxboro and right away be the best cover linebacker that we have. I think Collins will see a lot of action on 3rd down, especially when there’s a passing situation. Collins is also an explosive pass rusher, so the Patriots knocked two areas of need off of their list with one pick. It’s a classic “kill two birds with one stone” situation. Hopefully, he works out better than Jermaine Cunningham.

His numbers at Southern Miss were also outstanding (314 tackles, 21 sacks, 45 tackles for loss), so we can only hope that production transfers to the NFL. Finally, Collins is a freak of an athlete. If you don’t believe me, check out this video of Collins throwing down in a basketball game. Follow Jamie on Twitter and welcome him to Patriots Nation @KinG_8_JamiE.

Hands, height and speed. Check, check and check.

Hands, height and speed. Check, check and check.

Round 2, Pick 59 – Aaron Dobson, Wide Receiver, Marshall

Numbers wise, Dobson does not really stand out compared to the other receivers who were available at this point in the draft. Hell, he wasn’t even the best receiver on the board at 59 but that doesn’t mean he isn’t good. Last year he only had 57 receptions, an average 679 yards and just three touchdowns. But those numbers don’t have to stand out because that is what he did every year at Marshall, for four years straight. In his junior season he also put up 12 touchdowns.

With his height (6’2) and speed (4.42), Dobson is going to be a deep threat for the Patriots. That is something we have been missing here since Randy Moss left town and what do you know, Aaron Dobson is the best receiver to come out of Marshall since…Randy Moss. He has great body control and they may not be the biggest, but he has amazing hands (last year he did not drop a pass on 92 targets according to Scouts Inc). He is just a strong kid who has a knack for finding that football and Brady is going to love him.

Dobson is a great character guy who won’t give New England any headaches. He was a captain his senior year and if he can come in here and take the top off a defense, this offense is going to be even more dangerous than it was last year. He does need to prove that he can learn a complex passing tree because this is the NFL and this is where the big boys play. You have to love the depth at wide receiver in this year’s draft, this is a great pick.

Oh, and he did this. So, follow him on twitter @AyE_DeE_3

Ryan may not have an impact right away, but crazier things have happened.

Ryan may not have an impact right away, but crazier things have happened.

Round 3, Pick 83 – Logan Ryan, Cornerback, Rutgers

Another deep position in this draft was cornerback. I knew at some point this need has to be addressed, but because the core of our secondary is returning it was hard to tell when exactly this would happen. As other corners started to fly off the board, especially Blidi Wreh-Wilson, Logan Ryan’s named kept coming up in my mind (you can even go back and check on Twitter if you think I am lying).

Clearly Bill Belichick has a lot of faith in Devin Mccourty because I am sure he had some influence on this pick. Ryan has led the Rutgers secondary over the past two years and in that time he led them in pass breakups. He has good size at 5’11 and he can also play against the run which is a nice plus as a defensive back. Ryan is also going to be a good special teams player for the Patriots just like Jamie Collins will be.

Ryan is a little slow for a defensive back, but he is versatile and could end up playing safety somewhere down the road. Mike Reiss thinks that Ryan will compete for the fourth corner spot on the depth chart with both Ras-I Dowling and Marquice Cole. So far so good for New England. They have taken care of 4 of their needs so far and they still have more picks to make.

One of the best parts about the draft? Following someone new on twitter @RealLoganRyan

Harmon may be a mystery man, but I trust Bill.

Harmon may be a mystery man, but I trust Bill.

Round 3, Pick 91 – Duron Harmon, Safety, Rutgers

Everything was going so well with this draft, and it was only a matter of time until Patriots fans didn’t understand a pick that was made. Harmon did not go to the NFL Combine and caught everybody off guard. This pick was eerily similar to last year when the Patriots selected Tavon Wilson.

So, what do we know about Harmon? Well, he is 6’0, he ran a 4.65 40 and Scouts Inc. ranked him as the #26 safety in this years draft. He was two time All Big East during his time at Rutgers and he wore #32 (if that matters to anyone). Other than that, there isn’t much about Harmon. Logan Ryan vouches for him and clearly Belichick sees something that we don’t, but “in Bill we trust”.

There is a lot going on at safety right now on the Patriots depth chart, but they would not have used a pick on a safety so early if he was not going to make the team. Harmon will probably be a special teams player but who knows, maybe he will be more than that. There must be some special connection between Bill Belichick and Rutgers, two guys in the same round from the same school? That’s a little wild for New England.

Of course he is on Twitter! @dharm32

Now what should we expect on day 3?

The Patriots have 4 more picks. One in the fourth and three in the seventh. Those seventh round picks could be used to move up a little ways, and I think a trade like that could only benefit the Patriots.

As far as what direction they may go in, it’s a bit of a toss up. At some point New England will draft a lineman. They will draft a guy for offensive line because they always do and it would be nice to see them add someone to the defensive line to play behind Vince. There is also a chance that the Patriots draft a QB in round 7, just in case Mallett does get traded. They could add more depth at receiver and tight end. It also wouldn’t shock me if they made a pick that was low risk but could have a high reward with someone like Marcus Lattimore (even though we don’t need a RB).

I’ll be watching all the way through until Mr. Irrelevant is picked, so I will have all the updates as they come in (@Hammer_stein) and when it’s all over I will introduce you to the rest of the 2013 Patriots draft class.

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