Round 1 of the NFL Draft Recap

That smile will fade once Fisher realizes he is playing for the Chiefs.

That smile will fade once Fisher realizes he is playing for the Chiefs.

Since the Patriots did not make a pick in round 1, I thought I would rattle off some quick thoughts about how the first round played out from picks 1 to 32.

1. Eric Fisher is more athletic the Luke Joeckel but you can’t go wrong with either player. Fisher just put the MAC conference and Central Michigan on the map.

2. Joeckel is going to make more money than the #1 pick because Florida has no taxes. Jacksonville got their guy to protect the QB…now they just need a QB for him to protect.

3. Did not expect Miami to be jumping up this high to grab a pass rusher. To me this was clearly a reaction to playing Tom Brady twice a year. Cameron Wake and Dion Jordan could wreak havoc in the AFC East.

4. Lane Johnson is a great fit in Philly. The Eagles need someone to help protect Mike Vick, but they also need someone who can keep up with Chip Kelly’s new offense. They got the right guy. Oh and his wife has braces. LOL.

In case you missed it, these are the glasses Ziggy Ansah wore last night.

In case you missed it, these are the glasses Ziggy Ansah wore last night.

5. Ziggy Ansah. Very raw talent, but could be a great player some day. He also showed up to the draft wearing those “Real 3D” glasses you get at the movies and he had the lenses popped out…he should fit in Detroit just fine.

6. Cleveland steals Barkevious Mingo from the Jets which is awesome. “His Bark is nothing compared to his bite”. That will be on a t-shirt sometime soon in Cleveland and I want royalties from it.

7. I do not know a whole lot about Cooper aside from him being a very safe pick. I am sure Larry Fitzgerald would have much rather seen a quarterback come off the board here.

8. Rams trade up to take Tavon Austin. The Bills definitely did this because they did not want him to fall to the Jets. Thank god Austin is not in the AFC East. My question: if Austin was #1 on the Bills board, as many people said, why didn’t they take him?

9. The Jets replace Darrelle Revis with Dee Millner. They didn’t screw up the pick, which many expected them to do but those shoulder surgeries are going to hurt Millner. He is scheduled to start out on the PUP list.

10. Tennessee desperately needed somebody to bolster their offensive line. Chance Warmack is a great fit for the Titans and somewhere Chris Johnson is flashing that golden smile of his.

11. Philip Rivers went to sleep a happy guy yesterday. DJ Fluker is a hard working lineman who is going to protect Rivers for a long time in this league. San Diego still is going to struggle though so it’s just whatever.

Al Davis?! Nope, it's his older brother Jerry.

Al Davis?! Nope, it’s his older brother Jerry.

12. No, Al Davis was not the really old guy sitting at the Raiders table. As far as the pick goes, DJ Hayden has the best story in college football. He should have died and now he is a first round pick. It amazes me every time I hear about it.

13. The Jets made another smart pick? What world are we living in? Sheldon Richardson is a big, big boy who is going to clog up the middle of the Jets defense. Thankfully, they have no pass rush so double teaming Richardson shouldn’t be a problem.

14. Carolina wasted no time making their pick at 14. Star Lotulelei is one of the top 5 players in this draft and at one point was considered to be the #1 pick. If his heart problems prove to be a non-issue, Carolina just got a whole lot better.

15. How do you improve the worst secondary in football? Add a safety to be your general. The Saints hit a home run here with Kenny Vaccaro. Now they just need to go and get some corners to finish the job.

Don't worry Patriots fans, he is nothing close to RG3.

Don’t worry Patriots fans, he is nothing close to RG3.

16. Everyone expected the Bills to take a QB with this pick. However, nobody expected it to be EJ Manuel. Manuel is a great player with serious upside, but they could have waited until round 3 to get him. Seems like a waste of a pick to me. Thanks Buffalo, from everyone in New England.

17. The worst part about the draft (aside from how long it takes): good players sometimes fall to good teams. Jarvis Jones is going to slide right into James Harrison’s old spot in Pittsburgh and he is going to be a problem for offenses in the AFC.

18. San Francisco used some of their hundreds of picks to trade up and make their Superbowl winning defense even better. Why not go and get the second best safety on the board in Eric Reid?

19. The G-Men boosted their offensive line, which was a very common theme in round 1. I have never seen a draft with so many offensive linemen going so early.

20. I expected the Bears to replace Brian Urlacher with this pick and take Manti Te’o. Obviously they didn’t and now ESPN won’t stop talking about the guy. They did get some protection for Jay Cutler and Kyle Long has great bloodlines.

Eifert could have a Gronk-like affect in Cincinnati.

Eifert could have a Gronk-like affect in Cincinnati.

21. This is a great pick for the Bengals, but for some reason I feel like they aren’t going to use Tyler Eifert as much as they should. He could have a huge impact in this league but that offense goes through AJ Green and nobody else.

22. The Falcons do not need to add to their offense. It is the new “greatest show on turf”. ATL moved up and snagged one of the best corners in the draft in Desmond Trufant. Just like Kyle Long, Trufant also has great NFL bloodlines.

23. Talk about sliding in the draft, Sharrif Floyd had no reason to still be on the board at 23. This was one of the picks that made Minnesota one of the biggest winners of day 1.

24. A part of me was really hoping that Bjoern Werner would make it all the way to 29, but he is too good for that to happen. Werner will be a nice replacement in the absence of Dwight Freeney.

25. My favorite corner in the entire draft went to Minnesota. The Vikings did a great job in adding to their defense which was already one of the top two defenses in the league. Xavier Rhodes is a big corner who can play anywhere in the secondary. I really hate that he isn’t a Patriot.

26. This is the pick that I think caused New England to trade out of round 1. Datone Jones was one of the guys who was high on our draft board for sure. Once he was gone, it was clearly time to make a move.

This is who Minnesota took at 29 in exchange for 4 draft picks.

This is who Minnesota took at 29 in exchange for 4 draft picks.

27. By now I was getting serious butterflies because our pick was so close. I really like Deandre Hopkins, but this is a reach. I think he could have been taken in round 2, but regardless Hopkins could be that extra piece that puts Houston over the edge.

28. No matter what Denver chose to do here, I knew it was going to upset me. Whether it was taking a DE that I wanted or taking Sylvester Williams like they did, I knew a little piece of me was going to get hurt.

29. Obviously New England traded out. We could have used this pick on Cordarrelle Patterson, but instead we gave it to Minnesota. In the end I am okay with it because we got 4 more picks and there are plenty of good receivers left.

30. The Rams got a nice boost at linebacker with Ogletree. If he can figure his off field issues out, he could be a solid guy for Jeff Fisher’s defense.

31. The Cowboys definitely realized that there was nothing for them early in round 1, so they opted to move back and take Travis Frederick at 31. The Cowboys need all kinds of help but starting with the O-Line was the right thing to do.

32. Finally, the Ravens can pick and we can all go to bed (even though I was done as soon as I knew the Patriots were trading down). Draft Matt Elam, replace Ed Reed. Simple. Now, they need to replace the rest of that defense because everyone left.

Other thoughts and observations:

  • The Manti Te’o saga continues and I hate it
  • Geno Smith will go in round 2 (where he should be picked) and he will be back at Radio City Music Hall
  • Matt Barkley is going to slide because of Geno Smith
  • Adam Schefter can levitate.
  • Jon Gruden handed out the best nickname of his career last night by called Luke Joeckel “Dr. Joeckel and Mr. Hyde”
  • The hats that the players are getting after being drafted are AWESOME
  • Analysts are not doing a good job of hiding who is being picked
  • Producers need to stop yelling into Boomer’s earpiece because it causes him to freak out like he is having a seizure
  • Everyone has someone new to follow on Twitter, which is always fun.

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