Being A Bruins Fan: The Realists Vs. The Cotton Candy Eating Unicorns

claude I have been accused lately of being too NEGATIVE of the Boston Bruins. The same Bruins team that I have followed for over 30 years. The squad I was in love with in the late 80’s. The same team that I rooted on during their lean years of the late 90’s. The franchise I cried man tears for when they finally raised Lord Stanley’s cup in 2011.

So folks…I am NO “Pink Hat”.


I form opinions based on the quality of play on the ice. If the Bruins are producing more turnovers than a bakery….I am going to CRITICIZE them.

When they are blowing more 3rd period leads than a porn star in a gang bang, I am going to be PISSED.

When the power play looks like a bunch of ants fighting over a melting ice cream cone, I am going to be BOTHERED.

I am going to CALL THEM OUT when the effort level is far below the talent level.

I am not going to be a cotton candy eating unicorn (the same type of fan that KNEW the Bruins would win all three game sevens in 2011).

If the sky is falling, I am going to tell you and not BS you saying they are low lying clouds.

I LOVE the Bruins that is why I am CRITICAL of them.

It’s similar to when you catch your friend’s girl with another guy, are you going to say something to your friend because you care about him or are you going to look the other way?



Since their loss versus Montreal in a 6-5 shootout loss on March 27, the Bruins are 7-7-3.


In their last 9, Boston is 2-5-2.


This is when the Habs were treading water, the Bruins deep sixed rather than rise above to win the division.

The LONE bright spot this season has been the goaltending. The Bruins were THIRD in the league in goals against average. Tuukka Rask posted a league leading in five shutouts.

So there is your POSITIVITY.

Granted, the playoffs is a different type of hockey.

The intensity is off the charts, but I have not seen intensity from the “Spoked B” in 6 weeks.

A few games may be a fluke, but six weeks is a TREND.

They have a somewhat favorable match-up with the Leafs, but their lack of offensive punch and defensive breakdowns TROUBLE me.

Break out the Maalox & I PRAY The Bruins prove me WRONG.

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