Let The Movement Begin: Bruins Fans Against Game Sevens (#BFA7)


Let the movement begin. Bruins fans need to UNITE against the DREADED seventh game because….

They are hazardous to your health.

They are sixty minutes of PURE HELL and if they go to OT, the devil will laugh as he waits for your burning soul.

The hospitals in New England will be flooded with Bruins fans suffering from heart issues, high blood pressure, ulcers and heartburn from beyond the grave.


Paddles…..CLEAR…..flatline___________will be echoing from the hallways as the Bruins put their supporters through the playoff meat grinder yet again.

All fans of the Black & Gold remember the heartbreak of Game 7 Versus Carolina in 2009.

The EPIC collapse versus the Flyers in 2010.

The incredible but HELLISH ride of the 2011 Stanley Cup Winning Run as the Bruins saved the lives of their fans not once but THREE times.

And then there was the CUP HANGOVER seventh game loss versus the Capitals last year.

So who can save the fans from another potential relentless assault on their health?

Well, The Boston Bruins of course.

The team that was on fire in January and early February needs to come out of hibernation and perform at a consistent level.  Tyler Seguin and Brad Marchand need to overcome their post season slumps and be playoff saviors.

Head coach Claude Julien should play the tape of the 2010 collapse versus the Flyers…OVER and OVER and OVER. ¬†They need to be reminded about the pain and disappointment of that epic failure. They need to get angry and pissed.

They need the “Eye Of The Tiger”!

The Bruins need to channel their inner Rocky Balboa and knockout the Leafs in Toronto.

Don’t put your fans through the playoff wood chipper again.

Don’t take years off their lives.

Develop that KILLER instinct that champions possess! Please end this series on Sunday because you don’t want the medical bills.

The movement starts here….#BFA7 (Bruins Fans Against Game Sevens)!

Make a comment & sign the petition!


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  • Being a bruins fan all my life i have watched many stanley cup playoffs and was in disbeleif on why the bruins could never capitalize. But after watching the most exciting playoff round(s) in 2011 made me beleive the bruins were the newest greatest hockey team. They battled fought and hit with determination playing a full 60, they were driven, and I know this screwed up locked out season had it's ups and downs they started out strong and then slumped and yes i thought for sure they would close out the toronto series on friday but that didn't happen but I know tonight they will come out playing with fire, hitting everything in sight and drive to the net and pumel Reimer. We want the Cup back in Boston where it belongs Let's end this tonight, and on to the next round already.
    Let's Go bruins ~ Unleash the Bear ~ Let's get Pumped Up ~

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