Bruins-Leafs: Tyler Seguin Taking Excessive Criticism As Marchand Gets Pass For Team’s Struggles




First off, I am a Tyler Seguin supporter or a “Seguinista” since he was number two overall in the 2010 NHL draft.  With that being said, I am not going to tell you his performance in the playoffs this season has not been a disappointment.

It has.

He has relied on one offensive move and is not burying his chances. It is maddening.

However, he is battling his ass off for the puck and in the corners. Granted, he may not be winning many of these battles but it’s not due to lack of effort.  He has shown some pulse as some of his linemates are flat-lining.

Of course, Patrice Bergeron is his all world self defensively, but he only has one goal through six games. On the other wing, Brad Marchand has been a shell of himself. He is not physical, he is not being an agitator and he is not scoring with only two assists on his ledger. The “Little Ball Of Hate” has been so bad that you have to think he is injured.

So why does Marchand get a free pass for his disappointing, invisible play?

Because he is not a first rounder like Seguin?

Marchand has first round level expectations as he led the team in goals this season and was only one goal off the pace in 2012. So the blame needs to be spread around to those like Marchand, Kelly & Peverley as well.

The Phil Kessel and Tyler Seguin comparisons are not fair now either. Kessel has decided to finally play to potential as Seguin has picked the worst possible time and opponent to have a scoring drought.  The pressure is on and “The Kid” is squeezing the stick so tight that he is left with sawdust.

Tyler Seguin is not and will not be the reason why the 2013 Boston Bruins fail (maybe Claude for his stubbornness to change things up perhaps?)

Let’s hope he can score a big goal and shut up the haters who want to ride him out of town.

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  • Agreed. Marchand has been a ghost, not even a shadow of his former self. While Seguin has been snakebit in the offensive end, he is a much better 2 way player this year and has been working his ass off. Marchand… not so much. Put Jagr on that line and let Marshy try to cruise on the Kelly line.

  • Seems something is wrong with Marchand, Last night when he made that line change he just slowly skated off when kessel grabbed puck and took off in front of him. My observation last night was seems they spend too much time sending puck in corners and coming out blank when I think they need to drive to net more something I barely seen with them. As far as players I think they all are giving an effort and playing hard but spinning there wheels accomplishing nothing.

  • I put the blame squarely on the shoulders of the coaching staff…that solution is to post a player up high near the blue line in the offense zone and you eliminate the pinching and the icing…

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