Watch & Enjoy Leafs Fans As They Wither During The Bruins’ Miraculous Comeback (VIDEO)

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Nothing is better than seeing another fan base experience and endure the pain of an epic collapse. Well, Leafs fans this was your lucky year to wear the “Choke” collar.

Bruins fans have been there especially during the 2010 post-season with the catastrophic demise versus the Flyers.

The BIG difference is that Bruins fans don’t film ourselves watching the game and definitely don’t post the video after we friggin’ lost! Plus the TV never would have made it through the night!

But I a happy that these Leafs fans were stupid enough to do so. Nothing like sharing your pain and anguish with the world.

The look of pure bewilderment and horror on the face of the kid with the #17 jersey and skinny khakis is PRICELESS!


There’s always next year Toronto, but you have been saying that since 1967.

That’s a sh*t load of tomorrows!


Pot of Baked Beans Goes To @icejerseys!


  • I will not gloat! I have been on the same losing end as Toronto fans where during this game. Your team played a hell of a series and by all rights they have nothing to be ashamed of or pissed off about. Indeed, next year will again offer a chance to do better. Good luck next year!

  • To the person who had the sign Toronto Stronger. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. You will never be Boston Strong

  • REAL Bruins fans won't gloat. We have been there and had the same heartbreak. The Leafs are riding a young and rising tide, and will definitely be a force to be reckoned with in the coming years. Now, had this been the Habs, I would still be smiling…

  • You can see the blond girl that is only there for the OT goal is a B's fan. I consider my self a REAL Bruins fan, and I say life is short, gloat while you can.

  • this video seems so fake to me… no one is saying anything.. and who the hell records themself watching a hockey game?

  • Just remember not to hate all of Toronto because of one sleazy scumbag with a sign. I'm pretty sure we have a few of them in every city in America, too.

    However, I am glad Boston beat that sleazy scumbag's team.

    • Only idiots on the level of the guy with the sign, would start blaming all of Toronto. There are good and bad people in every city. Toronto fans are hardcore and love their hockey… nothing but respect to my fellow hockey fans. I only ask that Canada apologize for assaulting us with Justin Beiber… that was cruel, and excessive 😉

  • Wow. Toronto fans are so polite. As a Bruins' fan, I've felt the pain of a game 7 loss in OT. But I swore a whole lot more.

    Remember Toronto, this year's loss is next year's rally point

  • Excuse me…what was that sign they held up? Toronto Stronger? I think not. They are Toronto weaker for sure. Losers.

  • @Rob Toronto Fans who havent won in a million yeard do

  • I'm a Bruins fan and I don't think these are Leafs fans

  • I have my doubts about this being real. I think its a replay of the game they where watching.

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