Bruins-Rangers: The Jagr Knows DEDICATION As He Skates AFTER Playoff Victory (PHOTO)


(PHOTO: Twitter)

Some Bruins fans have complained that Jaromir Jagr has not produced since his arrival in Boston. People are expecting the Jagr from his heyday in Pittsburgh from ’93 rather than the Jagr on the back nine of his career in ’13.

However, no one can question the Jagr’s love, respect and dedication for the ladies to the game.

Jagr was robbed by King Henrik today and made plays, so pump the brakes on the Jagr disdain and enjoy watching this future Hall of Famer.


All praise the Jagr!


Pot Of Baked Beans To @jamisoncoyle!

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  • True dedication people forget he isn't 20 something anymore either, but he is out there digging and scraping, contributing to the team with a solid effort every game.

  • Maybe the rest of the team should have joined him! they played DECENT the last two games, but they ain't outta the woods YET!

  • Jagr hasn't been with the team all that long either, even in it's shorten season. Mark my words if he was there from the get-go and they had a full season, I gaurantee that he would be up there in goals, assists, and points. He's holding his own with this team, and he has come up with a few of those assists on the goals scored. I wish him all the best, and hope the boys can keep going in their quest for Lord Stanley's cup…GO BRUINS!!!

    • When we scored a couple game winners, Jagr was not excited. You can tell he wants to be the guy. I sure hope he gets going soon. Where's Soderbergh??

  • in due respect.. i understand his passion, we knew he love hockey and dedication but i think his moment has past… time to let go and turn for younger one…

    • I highly doubt they will resign him though

    • Totally Agree. Jagr looks lost out there sometimes. Falls down easy. Never wins a battle on the boards. Somehow he does get scoring chances, but he's makes me nervous in our zone

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