Full Tilt, Full Time: Tedy Bruschi To Be Inducted Into Patriots Hall Of Fame (VIDEO)

The Patriots announced today that former linebacker Ted Bruschi will be the next member inducted into the team’s Hall Of Fame. ┬áBruschi edged out former head coach Chuck Fairbanks and offensive tackle Leon Gray. It was just a matter of time before Bruschi, who embodied “The Patriots Way, would receive this honor.

“Mr. Kraft called me on the phone last night and let me know, gave me the news,” Bruschi said. “He told me he was very proud of me to be inducted in the Patriots Hall of Fame, and I told him how much it meant to me.”

Bruschi was drafted in 1996 in the third round out of Arizona University. He appeared in five Super Bowls with the Patriots winning three. However, championships did not define the man or the player. He was measured by his dedication, leadership and courage. The latter being tested after he suffered a stroke in 2005.


Most players would have called it quits after such a health scare, but not Mr. Full Tilt, Full Time. ┬áThe word quit is not part of Bruschi’s vocabulary. He fought and clawed his way back and returned to play three more seasons for the only NFL team he knew.

And gave Patriots fans a lifetime of memories…..Congratulations Tedy.

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