Bruins-Rangers: Whiny Queen Henrik Blames “Lucky Bounces” On Rangers’ Hole


King Henrik? It’s more like WHINY Queen Henrik.

Wow, I HAD a lot of respect for Henrik Lundqvist as a goaltender, but dude just shut up and take your lumps!


“I’ve looked at a few games, and they definitely got some lucky bounces,” Lundqvist said Thursday morning. “Last game I blame the loss on lucky bounces, but they haven’t changed the way they’re playing. They shoot from the point, and they get a lot of people in front of the net. That’s what they do, and they’re good at it. You just have to play them hard and make sure we make it tough for them to get in front.”

Did the Bruins blame all the losses in the regular season when you owned them on luck?

Well Henrik, you are an example of a unhappy sailor on a sinking ship.

Can’t wait for the Bruins to put up six on you tonight, so you can go in the corner and suck your thumb.

Thanks for the bulletin board material.

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