Bruins-Rangers: MSG Reporter Stan Fischler’s Tweets Are The Dumbest Things You Will Read


(PHOTO: Twitter)

Yes, the Bruins had a few brain farts and gave away Game Four to the New York Rangers.

Yes, Tuukka Rask let in a goal that he soon rather forget. The slo-mo goal from hell was like watching a horror movie. You see the killer behind your lady and all you can do is scream….NOOOOOO!

However, this is not 2010, but don’t tell MSG Reporter Stan Fischler that:


What a tool bag….this is what he tweeted about Tuukka after Game 3:

Fischler is just like the bandwagon Rangers fans.

The same fan base that can’t even sell out a playoff game.

Fischler and the fans of the NYR are FRAUDS.

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