Bruins-Rangers: B’s Fans Can Learn A Thing Or Two From Darth Vader Regarding Game 5 (VIDEOS)


After the Bruins 4-3 OT series close out loss, many fans are in full blown panic.  Well, Darth Vader has a thing or two to teach you about Game 5.

1. I find Your Lack Of Faith….Disturbing

Yes Darth, I find the Bruins fan base lack of faith disturbing as well. Everyone on sports radio is going back to the epic demise of 2010 and the struggles versus Toronto after the Bruins brain farted away Game Four. However, there are many reasons why this series has NOTHING to do with the other two.

2010 vs. Flyers: 

  • The Flyers had a a lot more talent then the 2013 Rangers
  • The Bruins have a lot more talent than the 2010 edition
  • Tuukka Rask for all intents and purposes was a rookie
  • David Krejci was injured in Game 4 and he was arguably the team’s most dynamic offensive player

2013 vs. Leafs:

  • The Leafs have more talent than the Rangers
  • The Leafs were hungry and the Bruins took them for granted after dominating them in the past and earlier in the series
  • The Leafs due to their team speed ended up being a match-up nightmare as the series dragged on

2. I Am Your Father….

The Rangers need to search their feelings and know that the Bruins are indeed their Daddy.  The Bruins have dominated this series minus a few mental gaffes in Game Four.  Even when the Rangers won, a majority of the contest they look uninspired and could care less. They were mailing it in and hoping to send Torts out the door. You could see in Henrik Lundqvist’s body language after every goal in Game Four, he thought all was lost.

So it’s time for the Bruins to get angry and yell NOOOOOO! Losing will NOT be tolerated. They need to throw all the doubt and criticism down that shaft.

The Bruins need to exhibit that Killer Instinct and take what is rightfully theirs.

Of course if the Bruins come out flat tonight and lose, I may be saying this….

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that!

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