Bruins’ Rookie Phenom Torey Krug In The Baby B’s Edition Of “Cribs” (VIDEO)

Looks like Bruins rookie phenom Torey Krug won’t have to be sharing a Providence apartment with Jared Knight & Ryan Spooner anymore. After Krug’s playoff performance thus far, he won’t be making the trip down interstate 95 anytime soon.


I have a feeling Ryan Spooner and Torey Krug may be sharing an apartment in Boston next season.

I just hope they leave these hideous costumes in Rhode Island!

One comment on “Bruins’ Rookie Phenom Torey Krug In The Baby B’s Edition Of “Cribs” (VIDEO)”

  1. Yeahh… There are VERY, VERY, Few Natural Athletes (or Players) of Torey Krugs

    Caliber ! Perhaps a Nael Yakapov, or a Ryan Nugent — Hopkins here and there

    {However, they are in Edmondton, Al. …Not Boston, Mass}. Any Good Franchise

    knows to Capitalize on player(s) of this Magnitude !! Jus' watch Crosby, Malkin, and

    Iglinia on the Pittsburg Pens Team. ( scheeeze ! ) No 'Rookies among them. Jus'

    Trouble and a strong offensive Line in the Cup Playoffs!

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