Bruins’ Rookie Phenom Torey Krug In The Baby B’s Edition Of “Cribs” (VIDEO)

Looks like Bruins rookie phenom Torey Krug won’t have to be sharing a Providence apartment with Jared Knight & Ryan Spooner anymore. After Krug’s playoff performance thus far, he won’t be making the trip down interstate 95 anytime soon.


I have a feeling Ryan Spooner and Torey Krug may be sharing an apartment in Boston next season.

I just hope they leave these hideous costumes in Rhode Island!

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  • Yeahh… There are VERY, VERY, Few Natural Athletes (or Players) of Torey Krugs

    Caliber ! Perhaps a Nael Yakapov, or a Ryan Nugent — Hopkins here and there

    {However, they are in Edmondton, Al. …Not Boston, Mass}. Any Good Franchise

    knows to Capitalize on player(s) of this Magnitude !! Jus' watch Crosby, Malkin, and

    Iglinia on the Pittsburg Pens Team. ( scheeeze ! ) No 'Rookies among them. Jus'

    Trouble and a strong offensive Line in the Cup Playoffs!

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