Being A Bruins Fan: Those Crazy Superstitions To Please The Hockey Gods


Those crazy hockey superstitions….

I don’t wear the colors of the opposition.

I received this Bruins bracelet when I attended the game versus the Canadiens on March 27th and never wore until the morning of Game 7. They have gone 5-1 since.

I shaved my feeble attempt at a playoff beard that day and that worked as well. I called my hockey buddy after the Bruins went down 4-1 to vent and stayed on the party prayer line until the “Miracle On Causeway” was complete.  We didn’t speak on the phone again until Game 5 versus the Rangers….we have now dubbed ourselves the “Klose Out Kidz”.

Crazy…yes. Delusional….yes. Insane hockey fans…hell yes.

Bruins fans will do anything to please the hockey gods. Here are some examples of our full blown nuttiness!




From The Big Bad Bruins Facebook Page:

BBB Nation Feedback Needed For Story: What Bruins Superstitions Do You Have?

Patty O. – One of my friends is NEVER allowed to watch a game she has to watch it on replay because we lose when she watches!

Heather M. – I don’t have one, but I bought my mother a Bruins garden gnome, and when they aren’t doing so well, she puts it outside until they get their act together. When they are doing well she has it sitting next to her sofa. Yeah she’s a weirdo.

Kevin D. – Clothing can not be washed until the lose.

Frank D. – No shaving , Orr jersey on game day then just before puck drop switch to my other jersey , bruin hat off and on my head 4 times . My bear by my tv . Stanley cup puck below my tv . i have a few more but you might think I’m crazy ! Lol

Bobby B. –  I am a firm believer of the playoff beard (which is in full Eastern Conference Final length) and a heafty Jim Beam on the rocks for opening faceoff of every game!

Jeff D. – I have to wear the same old Bruins cap on game day but never during the game. I have to take it off when Rene Rancourt starts the anthem and immediately after the fist pumps it has to be hung on the hook above my couch until the game ends. I also cannot wear my 2011 Stanley Cup Champs cap during playoffs. All for the greater good! Go Bruins!

Justin M. – Started this year I’ve worn the Boston Strong shirt from the pro shop during every game.

Beth L. –  I wear the same bruins t-shirt on game day until they lose. For games we have tickets for, we always eat at Boston beer works at the upstairs bar and always have chicken nachos as an app. Started the nachos aspect with Game 7 in the first series. Did it again for games 1 and 5 of the rangers series. Will be doing it again for game 4.

John F. – Playoff beard for the playoffs if I shave its between series never during a series and when watching a game I have to wear my 3 bruins shirts then an official jersey that has no name on it and 3 bruins winter hats 2 in rally cap form.

Torrey V. – No bruins gear allowed on any part of anybody’s body for game viewing in my house. We are not players. We are not playing. We are fans. Yellow towels are ok.

Charleen K. – Absolutely no Habs fans calling me on game day.Stupid family is full of Habs fans.

Maura P. – Havent moved my rally towels from 2011 playoffs and i wear or lay my autographed seguins jersey on chair.

Leigh P. – We have assigned seating.. Certain attire depending on the person, and if they lose, attire must be changed.

Terry C. – I drink my tea out of Boston mugs only on game day and not when they don’t play. Also, we never tempt the hockey gods by saying ambiguous things like,..let’s get a goal,…we always have to say,..Boston goal, not on our own net.

Rob M. – I can’t wear any Bruins merch on game day or they lose. I know weird. Also, ever since watching game 7 in 2011 in a hotel room in Cleveland (don’t ask), I can’t watch in a hotel room or bar or they lose. I have to be at home watching it on the big flat screen or following on the android app.

Eric M. – I listen to Slayer.

Kerry W. – have to eat something with bleu cheese!!

David E. – Beard. I have 6 Bruins logos in the house, all have to be touched in order, i wear dog tags, jersey, and hat. Gotta be on the couch and no other spot, and i dont go out to watch games.

Omally M. –  more like Obsessive compulsion ritual, Game Place, home. Game seat. Game Food (boneless buffalo wings) Game Drink ( 3 Smiddicks). No Phone, No switchin stations, and no I Don’t want to hear about the Red Sox…..

Vicky A. – Boston bruin panties .. True story (washed of course).

Let’s hope everyone sticks to their routines and superstitions to please the Hockey Gods….because Bruin fans want the Cup AGAIN!

9 comments on “Being A Bruins Fan: Those Crazy Superstitions To Please The Hockey Gods”

  1. C.Klein says:

    Same tee shirt, same B's cup, same chair, when they score a goal I call my friend and fellow BRUIN fan Victoria and most important… do not rag on opposing team until series is over and won and then have at it. I take one game at a time. Works for me.

  2. Larry says:

    Same chair,same drink,same jersey,t-shirt and other Bruin stuff hanging in tv room,Bruins bears on tv stand and cheer my ass off!!!!

  3. andrew S says:

    have to wear my noname throwback bruins jersey that was bought at the old garden during the playoffs in the 80s and my black and white redsox hat is must as well

  4. Kathy Lewis says:

    Wear my Bergeron Jersey (YES!! Even if it's 90 degrees!!!) Drink my beverage of choice out of Bruins logo glass, and cheer myself hoarse!! Every non-game day I wear one braid on the left side of my head with my black and gold elastics, and even if my hair is up, it's still there, and all season until it's too hot to, I wear an old Black Hoodie sweatshirt with the spoked B on the chest, and the word BRUINS in gold thread on the left sleeve. Got it covered!

    1. joegill88 says:

      Kathy love the braid superstition! LOL

  5. Sue P. says:

    For me, every game day I must wear my Bruins necklace, earring, t-shirt, jammie pants and socks (yes even on days like today when it is 96 degrees). For dinner, it has to be steak and fries. And then I even have little spoked B's for my fingernails. GO BRUINS!!

  6. Beer Leaguer says:

    It's all about the hockey equipment, it's got to go on the same way, in the same exact sequence, every time. Right shin guard, left shin guard, right sock, left sock, etc.

  7. hahaha.. crazy superstitions!

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