Bruins-Penguins: Lucic’s Beat Down Of Cooke Looks A Lot Like Neely’s Pummeling Of Ulfie (VIDEOS)

Bruins forward Milan Lucic did what everyone wants to do to the Pens’ Matt Cooke…kick his cheapshotting ass. The Boston Bruins hate Matt Cooke especially after running Adam McQuaid through the boards earlier in the series and ending Marc Savard’s career in 2010.

Re-born my ass…..

Milan Lucic’s beat down of Cooke looked a lot like Cam Neely’s pummeling of Ulf Samuelsson back in 1993.

If you are old enough, you remember that Ulfie Samuelsson gave Neely a cheap knee to knee hit in the ’91 Wales Conference Finals.

That cheap shot, which Matt Cooke would be proud of , cut Neely’s career short due to the resulting knee and hip issues

The  Penguins goons have been doing this for over 20 years. No surprise Bruins fans and the players HATE Pittsburgh like hot fire.

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