Bruins-Blackhawks: The Chicago Tribune’s Steve Rosenbloom Says Tuukka Rask “Is Not That Good” (VIDEO)

Well, there is the first shot across the bow from the Chicago media. Steve Rosenbloom of the Chicago Tribune says that Tuukka Rask is not that good.

Ok, let me get this straight. Tuukka is 12-4 and just led the Bruins to the Stanley Cup Final.

He has a 1.75 GAA which is second only to Blackhawks’ goalie Corey Crawford (who played one more game).

Rask has the BEST save percentage in the playoffs at .943.

He made 54 saves in a Double OT win over the Penguins arguably the best offensive team in the NHL. Oh yeah, he only let up TWO goals in the whole series

So Mr. Rosenbloom what is good in your world?

Because if Tuukka Rask beats your ‘Hawks being okay, Bruins fans will take that all day.


CHECK THIS OUT: Rask “Not Being Good” Video Montage


7 comments on “Bruins-Blackhawks: The Chicago Tribune’s Steve Rosenbloom Says Tuukka Rask “Is Not That Good” (VIDEO)”

  1. guest says:

    How about getting your Head OUT of your ASS???????Hmmmmm

  2. shawn says:

    i find this funny i guess if we win the cup it wont be b/c of tuukka itll be b/c they gave it to us like how pits did (in sids eyes) plz this dude doesnt no wtf hes talking about no1 gives tuukka any credit shit he could have thomas numbers (or better) and still not get credit

  3. Darla says:

    I hope they keep running their mouths and poking the Bear. No one felt the Bruins would even win more than one game against the Penguins. I believe this disrespect poked that Bear and they showed who was king of the East. So let Chicago yack and yack and poke and poke. I am hoping this yacking pokes the Bear into a seek and destroy mission.

  4. bruin life says:

    apparently he has no idea what the hell he is talking about. i mean seriously come on now, you have to be a complete idiot to say he isn't that good. we have a great TEAM and it is in capital letters because we are a team and don't rely on just one or two players we as a hole give it our all. Rosenbloom you should take a look at stats before you put complete bs in the news it just makes you look like an idiot

  5. matt flaherty says:

    Are the blackhawks coming out with a rap like the bears in 86 what asshole and idiots

  6. joegill88 says:

    Love the no respect and underdog role!

  7. hawkfan says:

    can't listen 2 stupid journalist. this team no's better. taking everyone serious. will b awsome series

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