Bruins-Blackhawks: 10 Reasons B’s Fans Can’t Hate Chicago, Well The City Anyway (PHOTOS)

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When I say I love the city of Chicago, I really do. I have been there four times including a Bruins shootout loss in 2009 and a Patriots mauling of the Bears in 2010. The fans of both teams were nothing but friendly and respectful. These aren’t New Yorkers or Montreal yahoos, Chicagoans are very similar to Bostonians, they are blue collar hard working people who love sports like human beings.

So it’s going to be hard for me to hate Chicago during the Stanley Cup Final, well until the first cheapshot from Blackhawks’ antagonist Andrew Shaw.

But I digress so without further ado, here are 10 Reasons B’s Fans Can’t Hate Chicago, Well The City Anyways:


Honorable Mention: The Hot Cornfed Ladies Transplants From Indy & Surrounding Areas


10. The Chicago RiverIt caught fire back in the day & it’s dyed green on St. Patty’s



9. Bueller, Bueller & We Are On A Mission From God


8. Deep Dish Pizza  – The best I had is at Giodarno’s


7. Red Velvet French ToastYes it exists & it’s glorious!



6. NHL Playoff Lawn BeardsJust click, trust me it’s worth it


5. Gotta Feel For Cubby Fans They are and continue to be Red Sox fans prior to 2004



4. Original Six Hockey City – Nothing better than a city that embraces “Old Time Hockey” & will buy opposing fans a beer (yes true story it happened to me at Tavern On Rush)



3. You Have To Respect People That Live In A City That Means “Land Of Stinky Onions”


2. Freakin’ Gangsters – Nothing says America like Al Capone, Elliot Ness & the Untouchables


1. They Hate The Sniveling Whiny Vancouver Canucks Just Like Bruins fans


And if there was something higher than #1 this would be it:


So Bruins fans love Chicago & just “dislike” the Blackhawks for two weeks!

3 comments on “Bruins-Blackhawks: 10 Reasons B’s Fans Can’t Hate Chicago, Well The City Anyway (PHOTOS)”

  1. Kerri says:

    They have red velvet French toast and Pancakes@ IHOP's in Mass and RI, you need a different reason. lol

    1. joegill88 says:

      I doubt it taste as good as the French Toast in Chicago. 🙂

  2. bobu says:

    Remove the french toast. Replace with the Vienna Chicago Hot Dog. Nuff said.

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