Here We Go Again: CLASSLESS Blackhawks Fans Tweeting #Chicagostronger, Make T-Shirts (PHOTO)



Chicago_Strong_Blackhawks_Stanley_Cup--SHIRT--SPGWell, I guess the Chicago Tribune has some company in the CLASSLESS department.

I thought most of the people in Chicago were behind Boston after the marathon bombings, well I guess that changes when the Stanley Cup is involved.

Just like the fool in Toronto, some simple minded idiots thought it was cute to mock #bostonstrong and the Boston marathon tragedy with #chicagostronger.’

Oh yeah they printed t-shirts too.  UPDATE: Cubby Tees Pulls Chicago Stronger Shirts & Issues Insulting Statement

Some “children” will never ‘”get it”.





However, it was nice to see some people throttle these ignorant fools:






To the people that defended Boston thank you, for those that mocked our fallen brothers and sisters… are Americans too.


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