Here We Go Again: CLASSLESS Blackhawks Fans Tweeting #Chicagostronger, Make T-Shirts (PHOTO)



Chicago_Strong_Blackhawks_Stanley_Cup--SHIRT--SPGWell, I guess the Chicago Tribune has some company in the CLASSLESS department.

I thought most of the people in Chicago were behind Boston after the marathon bombings, well I guess that changes when the Stanley Cup is involved.

Just like the fool in Toronto, some simple minded idiots thought it was cute to mock #bostonstrong and the Boston marathon tragedy with #chicagostronger.’

Oh yeah they printed t-shirts too.  UPDATE: Cubby Tees Pulls Chicago Stronger Shirts & Issues Insulting Statement

Some “children” will never ‘”get it”.





However, it was nice to see some people throttle these ignorant fools:






To the people that defended Boston thank you, for those that mocked our fallen brothers and sisters… are Americans too.


33 comments on “Here We Go Again: CLASSLESS Blackhawks Fans Tweeting #Chicagostronger, Make T-Shirts (PHOTO)”

  1. LES PATTERSON says:


    1. Jack says:

      I couldn't hear you, can you speak up.


  2. b.k. says:

    Bunch of classless assholes and there fans mocking a tragedy, has nothing to do with the sports team or if they show it, it's to honor the tragedy. Just shows how there city really is Chicago a bunch of Classless Assclowns, what a joke you all are!

    1. Brendan says:

      Classless assholes mocking a tragedy? Is that as classless or even more classless than hijacking the term as a sports anthem?

    2. Sammy says:

      Once you fine folks in Boston slapped a Bruins logo on "Boston Strong" you opened it up to use by anyone. Perhaps the truly classless act here was trying to exploit a tragedy for your own sports team's gain in the first place…

    3. Dan says:

      b.k. (Burger King?)….I believe you mean “Their city” instead of “There city”, but that's semantics.
      Only an Idiot would label and discriminate against an entire city and metropolitan area (all 8+ million Chicago metro area citizens) based on the actions of one company. I mean I don't think all of Boston is full of Idiots. I only think you're an Idiot.
      You also should turn some of your vitriol hatred inwards on your fellow a-hole Bostonians, since it was a Bostonian who perpetrated the crimes on Patriots Day and fellow Bostonian vendors who quickly worked to make a buck off the tragedy and subsequent fevered slogan selling of the term “Boston Strong.”
      Look carefully and ask your fellow Bostonian vendors hawking wares with “Boston Strong”, “Bruins Strong” etc . Find out how much of the proceeds from these sales are going to support funds. If they don't say 100% of profits (that's Sales Price – Cost of Goods Sold + Legitimate Overhead expenses like rent/electricity, etc). If they answer anything besides 100% of profits go to ONE FUND or some other appropriate organization, then they should be called and tagged “classless assholes”, because you would have the proof.
      If the words or terms are too much for an idiot like you to handle, maybe you can ask some of the millions of sensible Bostonians or Chicagoans to help explain it to you.

  3. Dina l says:

    Thanks to all of the people who have respect for the fallen and the city of Boston coming from a Bostonian those tweets were improper and very disrespectful shame on those people it should be united we stand not united we stand apart

  4. KWAPT says:

    What a bunch clowns. It's going to be fun to @ all of them with #BostonStrong while I'm watching the Bruins raise that Cup in a week or so…

  5. Monty088 says:

    lol @ boston fans getting outraged about this, these are the same idiots that took to twitter and hurled racial slurs towards Joel Ward after the Capitals eliminated them last year. Don't expect people to respect you when you're a bunch of disrespectful clowns yourselves, #chicagostronger

    1. Rob says:

      The Boston strong thing has to do with the bombing not sports the few who insulted ward last year are stupid but that has no reason to insult a whole city you just make you look like a jerk

    2. grilledjesus says:

      As usual Chicago is second, even in the game of being classless. Not only is this in poor taste, but completely unoriginal as well. I would say you're better than that, but Chicago proves time and time again that they aren't. Talk about an inferiority complex.

      1. Dan says:

        poor taste coming from someone names "grilled jesus".

        Pot. Kettle. Black.


    3. joegill88 says:

      The tweets about Joel Ward were deplorable and disgusting, but this is horrific as well.

    4. Holly says:

      you're comparing a tragedy to THAT??? Really?? How DARE you or ANYONE else for disrespecting MY city like this!! Glad it wasn't one of YOUR family members effected by the bombings… you heartless prick! Comparing a TERRORIST act to a few fucking Tweets?!?!? Were you born with no soul??

      1. Ben says:

        I lived like 3 blocks from Boyleston when the bombings happen. Dude was comparing tweets to tweets. Racism is bad. Terrorism is bad. Tweets about both are bad, probably equivalent. Calm down.

  6. David C says:

    To bring a positive-uplift from a tragedy into sports like this is shameful.
    Not to mention, GET YOUR OWN SLOGAN!!!
    I am a Pens fan and I would be a shamed to be a fan if the Pens did this.

  7. Brendan C. says:

    "The design poked fun at the embarrassing self-congratulatory branding of the tragedy, and its inappropriate adoption by BOSTON FANS AS A SPORTS ANTHEM, not the sad reality of that day’s mayhem."

    As soon as you stop using it to cheer on your sports teams, we'll stop making fun of you for doing it.

    1. Dan says:

      Well Said Brandon. Remember Boston is the same town that thought Yankees Suck and Jeter Swallows were good fun too.

  8. Derick says:

    I agree with the reasoning from CubbyTees. "Boston Strong" has nothing to do with your sports teams. If you are going to use it in the fashion, people are going to use it against you. As a marathoner, I'm offended that Boston thinks it's OK for people to exploit it for Boston teams. If you're really "Boston Strong" how about you all show it and stop whining about a damn t-shirt!

  9. terry says:

    Boston Strong is about the aftermath of a devastating tragedy, not a sports logo!!

  10. Gannon says:

    Unbelievable, we use it as a sports anthem? Hardly we use it to strengthen all of the people trying to heal from the bombings, for anyone to mock it is just childish bullshit and im stunned that Chicago would do it. Toronto is a different Country so they can go fuck themselves.

    1. Dan says:

      If you were "Strong" would you need strengthening and support from a slogan or t-shirt?

      Oh my, a slogan was used on a t-shirt. That hurts my feelings. Whine. Cry. Bitch. Gripe.

      Whatever happened to the rugged New Englanders I once knew. Have they all melted and withered away?

      Maybe you can gather at the Commons and commiserate together over this latest tragedy to strike your city. I mean, your no longer "strong" because a tee shirt was made. Such is your new plight in this world.


  11. Holly says:

    When did people lose their souls exactly?? It's crap like THIS that makes me like animals SO much more!! HOW does ANYONE think this is ok???? And sad, but true…. the Yankees showed us more respect than THIS!! Sickens me…

  12. Chris Castro says:

    Please don't feel that way about all Blackhawk fans . Don't judge us on the actions of a few ass sacks. This shows all of the bad fans but not the good ones that truely care. Stay Strong Boston but we are taking our cup back.

  13. Kathleen Feeley says:

    I could send all of you the pictures that were not shown on the News of the 260 victims, so many without limbs and blood everywhere, with the ones who weren't phyically seriously hurt, rushing to aid the ones that were. And then maybe you'll understand the meanng of BOSTON STRONG. Hockey is a SPORT, a GAME. Everyone gets to go home to their families when it's over – win or lose. To make sport of BOSTON STRONG and all that it stands for is deplorable.I have lost all respect for those of you who find this humorous.

    1. Dan says:

      Bruins and fans made sport of it hawking slogans labeled BRUINS STRONG

      and while tragic, it reminds me of my days in Afghanistan and Iraq (3 tours, plus 1 in Kuwait and 1 in Bosnia). Just another day at the office for me and my fellow patriots (Soldiers of the 82nd in Iraq, 10th Mountain in Afghanistan (TWICE!)).

      All the whining folks worried about slogans and words. Go get bent. There's bigger fish to fry in this world.

    2. Richard says:

      Sorry Guys. I'm a total Boston fan, Red Sox, Bruins, Celtics, Patriots. But I've got to agree here. When the fans of Boston took the Slogan that represented the strength of the city after the tragic occurrence during the Boston Marathon, and turned it into a slogan for the teams, that was a bad move and what's happening now on themselves (and all of us who got sucked into thinking it was cool.)

  14. joe says:

    Boston strong. so strong they lose their shit over a stupid tshirt

  15. Pete says:

    Sports are very important to people. In most areas of the country, people revolve their lives around their sports team whether they be college or professional. In times of tragedy, it's comforting to make that connection and rope in our sports team to provide some sense of hope and belonging. I don't see anything wrong with that. I'm not sure I understand why people find it necessary to say that Bostonians were in the wrong for doing that? It's not affecting you at all so what do you care. In the end, this whole ordeal is completely unnecessary as we as hockey fans are privaledged to have a great matchup in this series. Let's play some hockey and leave it all on the Ice.

  16. User1234 says:

    Screw all your classless Chicago fans….all I need to say is THANK YOU STEVE BARTMAN!!!!

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