Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Says Russian President Putin Stole His Super Bowl Ring


Looks like the Cold War will be sparked once again or maybe just in New England. Patriots Owner Robert Kraft claims Russian president Vladimir Putin stole his Super Bowl ring back in 2005.

Business Standard:


The 72-year-old told the crowd at Carnegie Hall’s Medal of Excellence gala at the Waldorf-Astoria that Putin put the ring in his pocket and walked away with three KGB guys around him.

Kraft released a statement then that stated that he decided to give Putin the ring as a symbol of the respect and admiration. But he admitted on Thursday that he wanted the 4.94-carat bauble back.

He revealed that he also got call from the George W. Bush-run White House, saying that presenting the ring would really be in the best interest of US-Soviet relations.

The ring is now reportedly kept in the Kremlin library.


I guess someone is on Mr. Kraft’s sh*t list now.


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