Bruins Beats & Tweets: Super Seids, Rally Towel Suit Guy & The Daft Punk Parody Song (VIDEO)


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In this Stanley Cup Final edition: The Man With The Bruins Rally Towel Suit, WROR Daft Punk Parody Song & Seids Knows Exactly How Damn Good He is


(PHOTO: The NoseBleeds)

Nothing like a Bruins rally towel suit that you can spill beer all over and nobody notices.

But how do you take a leak? Well if it absorbs beer, it will absorb beer’s by product as well.


I have NO idea what to make of this….Daft Punk must be really flattered or embarrassed.


All the German Hammer does is play a bazillion minutes a night and rocks doing it.

Seids knows he is that friggin’ good and rightfully so.


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