Being A Bruins Fan: “WE CAN” Campaign The Sequel


Bruins fans it’s time to go to the well once again.

Just like 2011, the Bruins have their back against the walls (insert countless cliches) once again in the Stanley Cup Final. But what we learned in 2011 and thus far this post-season, the members of the “Spoked B” are a resilient bunch.

The “WE CAN” Campaign The Sequel is upon us.

Their unwavering resiliency was never more evident than during “The Miracle On Causeway” where the Bruins pulled off one of the single greatest comebacks in NHL history.

They came back from the dead when all was lost, they NEVER game up.

The Bruins showed the same bounce back ability like the City of Boston during the time of the Marathon tragedy. Many fans of the opposition try to say that Bostonians have used “Boston Strong” as a sports anthem, as a rally cry for their teams.

Well they are right sort of….it’s a rally cry for all those affected by the cold hearted evil on that April morning.

Just liked the Yankees in 2001, the Bruins are trying to help a city heal through sport.¬†Perhaps this why the NY Rangers fan base did not to mock “Boston Strong” ¬†because they have been there.


This Stanley Cup run for the Bruins has brought smiles to the faces of people that thought they may never smile again. It has been a pleasant and welcomed distraction from “real life”.

The Bruins have exemplifed the no quit, we will overcome attitude (see Gregory Campbell) of the city.

With that being said, there is no doubt in my mind that they can come back and win this series. And how can you not believe after what happened versus the Maple Leafs?

The “WE CAN” Campaign The Sequel is in full swing.

WE CAN win Game Six and force a Game Seven.

WE CAN win Game Seven because WE have been there before.

WE CAN bring home Lord Stanley yet again.


Tweet #WECANBRUINS and let’s rally behind the Bruins, like they have rallied behind the City of Boston.


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