Bruins Beat: CLASSY Blackhawks Organization Takes Out Full Page Ad Thanking B’s & Boston (PHOTO)



I knew all along that Chicago was a great city with great people (minus some idiots like Cubby Tees). And this latest classy gesture by the Chicago Blackhawks is another example.



How many times does your opponent that just defeated you for a championship go out of their way to thank you? The answer is NEVER.

Bruins fans and the city of Boston need to tip their caps (if they have not done so already) to the Blackhawks and the city of Chicago because they just ooze CLASS.

Thank you Chicago for being a respectful and stand up foe.

Until we meet again….take care of yourself.

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  • Audrey Henderson

    Thank you Black Hawks and Chicago. It was a memorable play-Off. .

  • We gave them a good contest…..had it not been for the puck going past the brick wall of Tuukka we would have won….thats hockey. The Hawks won, we lost, bring on next year, perhaps we will win.

    The one thing that came out of the six games in the final series is that there was no real fighting, no one really meant to take a lump out of anyone else, and that was impressive because hockey has become known for the fist fights, yet all through that series, very little real trouble.

    Well done Chicago, you won, we lost.

  • I have been a hockey fan since the late sixties and can not remember a final as exciting as this one they are two great teams and someone has to win and someone has to loose both teams deserved to win and neither team deserved to loose congratulations. To. Chicago black hawks. Wait till next year. Enjoy the cup for now. .

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