The Patriots Try To Erase Any Reminders Of Aaron Hernandez

The Aaron Hernandez saga continues to get worse and worse, but the Patriots seemed to have a plan in place for when Hernandez got arrested. As soon as he was led out of his house in handcuffs the Patriots officially released the tight end, and unlike other players who have been traded or released, his merchandise was immediately taken out of the pro shop at Patriot place.

Arrest Of New England Patriots Player Aaron Hernandez

Usually when a player leaves the team the merchandise will be put on clearance as a way to move the product, and you may even see jerseys from players who haven’t been on the team in over a year. The Patriots took no chances and cut off all ties with Hernandez as they should. They don’t want any reminders of the alleged murderer, and who in their right mind would actually want to wear a Hernandez jersey?

According to reports, the Patriots took the Hernandez merchandise to be destroyed. They don’t even want kids in Africa to wear the shirt of what appears to be a horrible person.

Just because the Patriots have taken away Hernandez jerseys, doesn’t mean they can’t be found at other places.

The Hernandez Jersey that can still be bought for $60

The Hernandez Jersey that can still be bought for $60

While shopping at the Solomon Pond Mall in Marlborough, MA on Tuesday, I stumbled across some Aaron Hernandez jerseys in a sports memorabilia store. They were on a clearance rack at discounted rate of $60, which is $40 off regular price.

Although most fans would be smart enough not to buy the jersey, I can’t help but think some moron out there who knows next to nothing about football will see the jersey at a discounted price and buy it. At Olympia Sports in the same mall, there were no Aaron Hernandez jerseys or shirts. Olympia must’ve sent out a memo to stop selling Hernandez merch because they used to always have Hernandez shirts in stock.

If you go to Ebay and put Aaron Hernandez in the search you’ll now find quite a few new listing for Hernandez jersey’s and trading cards. Besides the autographed jerseys, which are selling for as high as $300, the jerseys are very cheap, and have gotten cheaper by the hour. It’s clear people are trying to get rid of their own Hernandez merchandise quickly as well. Somebody even has a Hernandez card listed honestly with the title “Murderers Rookie Card.”

The Honest Ebay Listing

The Honest Ebay Listing


If you do own an 85 or 81 Hernandez jersey and you want to burn it or throw it in the trash, nobody will be angry. But if you don’t want to dish out another hundred or so dollars on another jersey, theres a cheap, easy solution. The seller g_sportiva on Ebay, makes and sells replacement name plates for NFL jerseys.

It may take time to see who, or if anyone takes 81 or 85, but if it’s a name you don’t mind rocking on the back of your shirt, you can pay $22 and they will send you a new name plate to cover up Hernandez, or any other player no longer with the teams name. This may be a great tool if you have a kid who has a Hernandez jersey. There’s no way you want them to represent an alleged murderer, and without having to buy a new jersey. You could even put your last name on the jersey instead.

Unfortunately there will still be terrible people who will Hernandez shirts and jerseys ironically, but any true fan, or decent person wouldn’t be seen in public with one on. At Gillette Stadium this season I fully expect Jets fans to wear shirts that make fun of the fact that Hernandez is a murderer. Even if the Patriots have fully cut ties with Hernandez this will always be a black eye for the franchise that once prided itself on having players with good character. This whole incident is way worse for the franchise than the Spygate incident as it should be, because at the end of the day a human life was taken.


  • Anthony Edwards

    He is accused of murder i will buy one cuz u are suppose to support people when they down jesus didnt judge the murderer why are u and u are nobody no sin is greater than the other i feel bad for this kidhe made a stupid mistake kust so happened to be killing someone died sorry for they lost but im not dissing him for that mistake u see how society doesn't want us to help or care for eachother when god wants us to help eachother no matter wat open ya eyes god said himself nobody is perfect n im telling yall im not religious i just believe in god n i have no religion god just open my eyes after beating similar charge…Anthony Edwards bx.ny

    • 1. When you say "jesus didn't judge" and talk about God the way you do, it's hard to believe that you aren't religious…
      2. Your words basically are condoning that there is nothing wrong with murder.

  • Excellent article Kuketz, i agree whole heartily.

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