Lack Of Professionalism: 3 Reasons Why The Bruins Have Begun To Sour On Seguin


Tyler Seguin of the Boston Bruins was being shopped by team GM Peter Chiarelli which surprised most fans (maybe it shouldn’t have).  He also fired a shot across the 21 year old winger’s bow with these comments:

“He’s got to commit his mind and focus to the one task at hand,” Chiarelli said. “He’s got to become more of a professional. You know what? I can say that about a lot of 21-year-olds.

“I know he got criticized for playing on the periphery and all that stuff. He did. He’s got to commit to being a professional and focusing on the game. Simple as that. He does that, we don’t expect him to be crashing and banging. Just play your game.”

There is an underlying theme in Chiarelli’s comments…..being professional.

And some of Seguin’s actions off the ice has been far from that. Here are three reasons why the Bruins are growing sour on Seguin:

1. He Is Not Taking His Job Seriously – Seguin was reported back in December 2011 for missing multiple team meetings.  He was benched in Winnipeg when the Bruins had enough.

“Just one of those things you’ve got to do once in a while as a coach,’’ said coach Claude Julien. “He’s missed some meetings. Obviously it’s not the first time. When it’s the first time, you give guys a break. But it’s happened more than a few times. At one point, he’s got to hold himself responsible. We felt he could have easily done that. Hopefully it’s a learning thing. He’s a good player and a good individual. He’s going to bounce back and play for us next game.’’


tyler seguin scratched

Missing team meetings is not professional.


2. His Social Media Miscues – Many an athlete commit social media faux pas and unfortunately Tyler Seguin has joined that infamous group.

Back In April 2013, Seguin tweeted the following:



The term “No H*mo” according to Urban Dictionary means:

 “Said to show that you aren’t gay after saying something that sounded gay.”

And of course and rightfully so, his insensitive tweet caused a firestorm.  As a professional athlete, you just can’t push tweet on something that people will take offense to.

Not only will you embarrass yourself but also your organization and their brand.

This is not viewed as professional.

There was no team discipline doled out (that the public knows about), but there is no doubt Seguin was talked to behind closed doors.

Seguin went dark on Twitter during the playoffs which was a smart thing, but after the Bruins bowed out in The Stanley Cup Final he made his not so triumphant return. He tweeted the following about NESN’s Naoko Funayama after news hit that her contract would not be renewed as Bruins on ice reporter:



This tweet seems innocent and totally innocuous. Seguin was just voicing his opinion about her dismissal, cool right?

Not if you are the Boston Bruins organization.

Having one of your “employees” speak and/or tweet their displeasure about your media partner’s personnel moves is not acceptable or professional (just ask Jack Edwards).


3. He Needs To Be Called Out To Step Up  – On more than one occasion veterans have had to have “heart to heart” conversations with Seguin.

Back in December 2011, The 19 year old Seguin was also not performing on ice. He was struggling so much that he had to have a chat with team captain Zdeno Chara.


And during the Toronto playoff series this year, Shawn Thornton had to speak to Seguin about stepping up his game.

 “Obviously, Bergie had that goal late in the third after he hadn’t seen the results either. When it went into overtime, Thornton kind of said ‘It’s time’ with a pissed off expression on his face. So I went out there and did it. There comes a point where coaches can’t say anything to a locker room, or can’t say to go out there and do it. It comes from our team working for each other, and it takes a lot more [meaning] when one of us says it to another. It just hit me good, and luckily things worked out.”

If you need your “co-workers” to motivate you to do your job that is not being a professional especially when you get paid millions to do it.

Is that not motivation enough?

Is not being the BEST motivation as well?

Evidently, Tyler Seguin did not think so.

If Seguin was in the corporate world, he would have been disciplined or even fired for his actions.

Luckily for him, he works in a profession where your employer will turn their heads if your perform on the ice (see Patrick Kane). However, when you are not producing at a high level, you will be publicly ridiculed and perhaps even traded.

Take a lesson from the guy picked before you, Taylor Hall.

He makes news on the ice not on Twitter.

So Tyler take the bull by the horns and use this as motivation.

Prove to the world you are the franchise player everyone thought you were.

And the professional many think you aren’t.

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  • Pretty much agree with everything here except for the Naoko comment. He merely tweeted he was sad she was gone from NESN. He didn't elaborate like Jack Edwards (though I'm glad he did). Though I don't know who said it, I always liked the saying, "if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything."

    • Jay,

      The Bruins were not happy with the tweet about Naoko no matter how innocent it was. NEN is their media partner.

  • Seguin ,Seems a little inmature,I think with time he will its with Boston or with another team.But I do think if he doesn't pick it up a few notches .He will be traded ,what else can the Bruins do ,they are putting out big bucks for this guy and getting little in return from him

  • Seguin had one bad season-next season he will bring on his game! I understand he is young, but he is a talented player! People need to give him a break!! Did you all forget when the Bruins won the cup how he played? Its just one season that went bad!!! All players go through it.

  • Right now Seguin is not tough enough to play for the Bruins and he doesn't play well in their system.Both Bergeron and Merchand will take a check or give a check to get the puck. And Seguin's forechecking really leaves something to be desired. He's getting paid too much to a 3rd line guy.

  • I think Chiarelli is still burning about how they lost to Chicago in game six and Sequin was the easy target to take it out on.

    And Naoko is gone? I am sorry to hear that.

  • It a team game he was not part of the team,You party after not during the play off..

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