Being A Bruins Fan: How I Lost All Respect For Seguin & Gained Some For Iginla


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Since Tyler Seguin was traded on the Fourth of July, I have gone through a roller coaster of emotion.

As you all may know I am was a HUGE Tyler Seguin fan. I had his jersey and autographed rookie puck. I was a 40 year old male Seguinista.

He was the franchise player, the first since Joe Thornton (and we know how that worked out).

He was a once or twice in a lifetime type of player.

He was supposed to be the PRESENT & FUTURE of my beloved Boston Bruins.

I have been writing about him since he was drafted in 2010 in my column called the Tyler Taylor Tally. It compared the maturation of both Taylor Hall & Seguin, the top two picks of the draft.

And even though Taylor Hall had the better overall numbers, I thought Seguin was the better overall player.  And even through his disappointing 2013 playoff campaign and Peter Chiarelli questioning his professionalism, I still thought the Bruins should give him one more chance to prove himself and be a professional.

So yes, I felt jilted when the Bruins threw up their hands and gave up. I was getting flashbacks of Joe Thornton becoming a star with someone else.

The chance to see a budding superstar in my own backyard was taken from me.

Then the stories started to surface.

Bender after bender in Boston.

He partied and wore the same clothes  for 3 days while his team was battling his hometown Leafs in the playoffs.  Yeah, yeah he is only 21, but he is being paid MILLIONS of dollars to keep his eyes on the prize and be focused for his teammates.

I’m pretty sure Skinner, Crosby, Stamkos Or Hall wouldn’t put themselves before their teams even being a 21 year old stupid kid.

So now the trade is making more sense to me and his off ice antics was a major reason for him getting shipped to Big D even if Peter Chiarelli doesn’t want to admit it.

And him partying the day he got traded from the city he “loved” and the teammates he cried over after the Cup Final loss,  says he was playing more for the name on the back than the “Spoked B” on the front.

He was more about the by-products of celebrity than being the BEST.

Tyler, I hope you “get it” in Dallas or you may end up like another Bruins player that had EVERYTHING, Derek Sanderson.

And now for the something completely different, Jarome Iginla.

When the Bruins signed Iginla, I lost my mind again. How could they sign a guy that thumbed his nose at their franchise?

Thought the Bruins were not good enough to win it all and didn’t have horses like Crosby & Malkin.

How could he play with Milan Lucic after Looch said Iginla’s “choice” lit a bit of a fire under him and the Bruins?

Then I saw this tweet:

How can I HATE this guy anymore?

He nutted up.

He manned up.

He saw his wrongs and made it right.  I found some respect for him when I had NONE.

Iginla showed the true fabric of being a professional.

Maybe he can give Tyler Seguin a call.

5 comments on “Being A Bruins Fan: How I Lost All Respect For Seguin & Gained Some For Iginla”

  1. nick kaos says:

    Great writing, took the words out of my mouth. Cant wait to
    see the new bruins in a few some much needed change.

    1. joegill88 says:

      Thanks Nick!

  2. EdK12 says:

    Based on what I have been reading on the seguin issue and his poor season stats, seems as if he is or becming an Alcoholic.

    1. joegill88 says:

      Might be going down that road

    2. Pairodocs says:

      Becoming? Based on the media reports, I'm afraid he already is an alcoholic. His actions sound remarkably like those of Eddie VanHalen. If you can't lay off the hooch while your team is in the playoffs, then you have a problem. I don't care if he is only 21. I liked to party when I was 21, but when Final Exams, or anything important came up, I was able to focus on what was important. The boy needs help, and needs to get it right away.

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