Bruins Beat: This B’s Man Cave Will Make You Jealous With Envy (PHOTOS)


Boston Bruins fans are some of the most rabid in all of sport. They love their Black & Gold to the grave.

And Joey Munden of St. Catharines, Ontario is no different.

His collection is nothing to shake a hockey stick at.

Enjoy a tour of his Bruins Man Cave:









Damn I am jealous.

I had more like a Man closet and that’s gone with the arrival of baby Bruin…..I can always dream of a Bruins Man Cave like Joey’s.

If you have a kick ass Man Cave send your pix to!

10 comments on “Bruins Beat: This B’s Man Cave Will Make You Jealous With Envy (PHOTOS)”

  1. G Maynard says:

    Nice I have a B cave too but not as nice loads of pictures the bruins stripe painted on the wall and some old rookie cards like Ted Green .Very cool to see some ones B cave

  2. katie says:

    very cool kool it like my room with bruins things

  3. chris says:

    Awesome! Plus it's in Ontario! Screw the Leafs!

  4. Biff Piston says:

    this collection sucks! you call that a TV give me a break your a BRUCE beat it, take a hike, hit the bricks!! SMELL YAAAAA!!

  5. IamHallGillsJock says:

    Weak. You can win better memorabilia at the carnival. 1978 called they want their speakers back.

    1. Richard Attridge says:

      You tell me what carnival and I'll go. I'd ask Joey if he give up the Bobby Orr memorabilia? I don't thin so and I'm sure that you wouldn't want it either. Guess you must be a screwy Canadian or Leafs fan.

  6. Biff Piston says:

    HallGillsJock only speaks the truth!!

  7. GillAMonsoon says:

    Tony Garea has a similar collection.

  8. Steve says:

    He needs to get a life. Really. Seriously

  9. glenn says:

    love the Bear Cave !!
    yes and I am a screwy Canadian and proud of it.
    Go Bruins !

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