Red Sox Report: Jonny Gomes More Than Just A Body To Fill The Roster (VIDEOS)



I can admit it: I was wrong about Jonny Gomes.

After being critical of the Red Sox signing the outfielder in the offseason, he has proven me wrong by playing a big role for the first place team. Last week he hit his second walk off home run, and his third walk off hit of the season.

I did say he was just a reliable body the Sox signed, but he has played in 63 games and has delivered in clutch situation for Boston. If he keeps doing what he’s doing into October, Red Sox nation will be very grateful to Gomes, and to Ben Cherington who decided to pursue him this season.

Of course the best part of his walkoff home run last week against the Padres, was NESN’s Jamie Erdahl getting an ice cold shower from the Red Sox!

Here’s what I had to say about Gomes in March:

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