Bruins Beat: B’s Fan & Most Wanted Man Whitey Bulger Saw Cup Clincher in 2011


Being the most wanted man in the United States is no reason to miss cheering on the Boston Bruins to a Stanley Cup victory.

Whitey Bulger bleeds Black & Gold and this story proves it.

The Boston Liberal:

While they were tailing him, he boldly drove 20+ hours from Santa Monica and crossed the Canadian border to Vancouver. There he somehow scored a game 7 ticket. Not that money or IDs were a problem.  Police found “$800,000 in cash, 30 firearms and fake IDs.”  Exactly one week later, they arrested him.

The million dollar question is……How the hell did he make it across the border?

Imagine getting caught going to see the Bruins? Now that’s a fan!



Now maybe he can get a Stanley Cup tatt in “The Can” to honor the Bruins first championship in 39 years.


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