You Too Can Own Bruins Agitator Brad Marchand’s Head For Only Just $17.49! (PHOTO)


I was in Target today trying to kill time as my pregnant wife was shopping for her other preggers friend’s baby shower. It’s amazing how she has energy to shop for hours at eight months pregnant, but I digress.

So as I made my rounds through the CD’s, PS3 games and sports gear sections then I came across something pretty bizarre and creepy…

Brad Marchand’s severed head and on clearance no less!


Damn imagine if you had no body and your head was marked down to clear space for perhaps another cut out cranium(Nathan Horton and Tyler Seguin heads must have sold out)?

I mean this is a great thing if you love yourself some Nose Face Killah to snuggle with.

But you better hurry because you better your ass some Habs fans will try to buy up the lot to put on their dart boards.

So get down to your local Target now Bruins fans!

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