Danny Ainge To Media: Celtics Are Not Tanking

Danny Ainge


The Boston Celtics staged a press conference yesterday to introduce three new players the team acquired in the megatrade that sent Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to Brooklyn. Kris Humphries, MarShon Brooks, and Keith Bogans appeared to be upstaged by some of the comments made by Danny Ainge.

Ainge heaped praise on KG, Pierce and the trade. Samples:

  •  “Brooklyn showed a real interest in putting a dream team together”
  • “It was an opportunity for us to start fresh, to start over.”
  • “If it were my decision, their numbers would be hanging in the rafters some day. Their legacy has been made here in Boston and they still have basketball left in them.”

Ainge clearly stated the team will not be tanking in order to get into the best position to, well, “earn” the first pick in an allegedly deep draft in 2014. Humphries and Bogans confirmed this. Ainge said he was clear about team goals with his new players. “I think every player wants to know what the rules of the team are,” he said. “I assured (them) we’re going to try to win every game.”



He suggested his roster is not set yet, either.

We have some work to do. We have a few too many guaranteed contracts…We have to make some adjustments. We’re very busy trying to put the best team on the court. There could be some changes in the summer, yes.

Speaking of the roster, two pieces of the trade – Kris Joseph and Gerald Wallace – weren’t involved in Tuesday’s show-and-tell. Joseph was waived on Monday by the Celtics. The team also waived him in January, after drafting him last July and sending him to the D-League last fall. Wallace might be following Joseph out the door. He could be dealt anywhere that will take an aging player with a three-year contract.


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