Bruins Throwback Thursday: Zdeno Chara Then & Now (PHOTOS)


The “Devourer Of Souls” AKA Zdeno Chara of the Boston Bruins has been a galvanizing figure for the franchise since his arrival in 2006. He has become a stalwart on the blue line and a leader as the captain of the Bruins. Big Z has been a driving force behind the team’s turnaround since 2008 with two trips to the Stanley Cup Final, winning it all back in 2011.

At age 36, Zdeno Chara has 3-4 years left to make another run at a title and bet your bottom dollar the Bruins will be in the mix.

So let’s step into the Black & Gold time machine and look back at Big Z’s hockey journey.

Welcome to Bruins Throwback Thursday!




Age: 19 

Prince George Cougars


(PHOTO: Hockey DB)

Age: 20

Kentucky Thorough Blades



(PHOTO: LCS Hockey)

Age: 20

1998 AHL All-Star Game


(PHOTO: Bleacher Report)

Age: 20

New York Islanders


(PHOTO: Ottawa Sun)

Age: 25

Ottawa Senators

2006 Olympic Hockey Portraits

(PHOTO: CBS Boston)

Age: 28

Slovakia Olympic Team

Boston Bruins v Montreal Canadiens

(PHOTO: CBS Boston)

Age: 29

Boston Bruins


Age: 32

Winter Olympics - Slovakia



Age: 33

Stanley Cup Champion - Boston Bruins


(PHOTO: Bleacher Report)'

Age: 36

Telling Cindy Crosby That He Will Eat Him For Snack

Chara and the Bruins fell two games short of another Stanley Cup, let's hope Big Z gets one more opportunity to hoist Lord Stanley high!

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