Almost 9 Years Later, Red Sox Couldn’t be Happier A-Rod Deal Fell Through

It was December 2003, and the Red Sox had just lost the ALCS to the hated Yankees a couple months prior, but everything seemed to be going the Red Sox way. They had just traded for the best Shortstop in all of baseball, and once he worked out a restructured deal, he would come to Boston and a number 3 jersey with the name Rodriguez would be handed to him at a press conference.


All of that happened except the press conference. In 2004, #3 had the name Reese on it and not Rodriguez. This was a nightmare for the Red Sox and their fans. The trade in which the Red Sox sent Manny Ramirez to the Rangers for Alex Rodriguez was dead. The Red Sox needed A-Rod to take a pay cut, he agreed, but then the Major League Baseball Player Association stepped in and put the kibosh on the deal saying A-Rod couldn’t take a pay cut.

As it turned out A-Rod went to the Yankees, and the MLBPA’s decision to not let A-Rod take a pay cut to go to Boston was one of the greatest things to ever happen in Boston Red Sox history.  With the circus that is going on in the Bronx right now with Rodriguez, and the speculation that he might be banned from baseball for life, Red Sox Nation should send a thank you card to the MLBPA, even if it is nine years late.

In 2004, A-Rod thought it was a good idea to try and take on Jason Varitek, who at the time was in full catchers’ gear, which fueled the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry, which was already at an all-time high. Then with his team up 3 games to none against Boston in the ALCS, he did nothing to help his team get win #4 of the series. In his defense he DID try, when he bitch slapped a ground ball out of Pitcher Bronson Arroyo’s glove. It was one of the most bush league plays ever seen in MLB history, and after a few minutes, the umpires made the right call and A-Rod was out.

A-Rod has been accused of bush league plays throughout his time with the Yankees including in 2007 when he yelled while running past a n infielder trying to catch a pop fly. The Blue Jay infielder made the play, but obviously wasn’t happy with A-Rod, and a confrontation ensued thereafter.

In 2005 A-Rod had a Batting Average of .133 during the playoffs, and 2006 had a playoff Batting average of .071. It was also around this time when A-Rod found himself on the front of the tabloids almost every day. He was seen leaving a strip club with a woman who wasn’t his wife. Then after his divorce he made headlines for dating a new celebrity almost every week (One of which was Madonna, which is disgusting).


The Red Sox had won two World Series, and been to another ALCS before the Yankees advanced past the Division Series. In 2009 A-rod finally produced for the Yankees and helped them win a championship. But before that season started, A-Rod admitted to taking performance enhancing drugs during his tenure in Texas. It appears now that A-Rod wasn’t completely honest, and MLB has proof that he is involved in the biogenesis scandal.

This season A-Rod hasn’t played a game for the Yankees, and the Bronx Bombers don’t want him to play a game this year. The Yankees team doctor has said A-rod has a quad strain and cannot return to play. A-Rod then hired another doctor to examine the MRI and go on the radio and declare that A-Rod is ready to play again. This is creating a battle between the Yankees and A-Rod, and Rodriguez has gone so far to say that the Yankees are committing insurance fraud, because if Rodriguez doesn’t play all year, insurance will pay the Yankees up to 80% of his salary.

A-Rod might also be in a hurry to get back on the field because he knows this may be his final few days of being able to play, if MLB brings the hammer down on him. If you are a Red Sox fan, or just a Yankee hater, the MLB disciplinary ruling will be a win-lose. In one way it would be great to see A-Rod banned for life, but with doing that, the Yankees would be rid of a headache without having to pay another dime to A-Rod.

Nobody actually knows what MLB will do with A-Rod, but one thing that’s certain is that the Red Sox front office and Red Sox fans are grateful that the MLBPA didn’t let Rodriguez take less money to be able to play for the Red Sox like he wanted to.  If your thankful you can always send a thank you to the Major League Players Association  at:

12 East 49th St.
24th Floor
New York, NY 10017

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