Bruins Beat: Holy Sh*t Blackhawks Goalie Corey Crawford Is A TOOL BAG (VIDEO)


After that 17 seconds from hell in Game Six, most Bruins fans could not bear (pun intended) to watch any of the Chicago Blackhawks Cup parade.

And over a month later, I still had NO desire to watch any of it until this tweet:


This piqued my interest.

What did “Mr. Slow Hand” Corey Crawford say that was so embarrassing?

Then there was this oratory car wreck:

Looks the Blackhawks goalie spends as much time working on his public speaking as his glove side.

Sorry Corey you weren’t the reason your team won, it was Patrick Kane & Jonathan Toews.

Now you can go back to being a second rate goalie lucky enough to get a ring.

Oh yeah Team Canada, please start him during the Olympics, so you won’t even medal!

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  • honestly who ever wrote this needs a reality check, sorry corey isnt the best in the league but hes pretty damn close and hes a hell of a lot better than almost anyone that reads this seriously can we just give credit where credit is due

  • Seriously? As a Boston fan, I didn't Crawford's comments were offensive. Granted he is no David Oriz when it comes to whipping up the home crowd, but he did his job and took part in one of Hockey's greatest series ever!

    • Right there with you. Looked to me like he was hammered, but he didn't say anything offensive to the Bruins or Bruins fans

  • ROTFLMFAO… Celebration day number 3, I'd say that the guy had a pretty good year. I agree to disagree after looking at regular season and playoff stats. You can read can't you?

  • It wasn't any worse than Jonathan Quick's drunken speech last year. I have a feeling Crawford was buzzing a little too.

  • Corey might have had a weak glove side in the SCF series but that doesn't make him a terrible goal tended. Him and Ray Emery won the Jennings trophy for a reason. And this article is just poor taste and gives a bad name to Boston fans. I know you all aren't like this, but have some respect.
    Crawford never said anything about Boston and he was super drunk. Patrick Sharp was on a Chicago radio station yesterday and joked saying that he was so drunk they have to tell him that he was was the parade because he probably doesn't even remember it.
    Crow isn't the best goal tender, but saying he didn't contribute to them winning the cup is just hockey ignorance.

    • Didnt say he didnt contribute but he wasn't the reason. Dont you think he should know where he was for the fans?

      Why is Chicago media still bringing it up?

  • Do you not look at stats? He was in the top 10 goalies for save with a .926 save % all year and was in the top 5 in the playoffs with an impressive .932 in the playoffs. He absolutely contributed to winning the Stanley cup. Moronic is too simple a word for this article.

  • Maybe you should spend the time keeping up! It was a month ago, nice journalism. Maybe Crow isn't an elite tender, but he was good enough to beat your guys hahahahahaha!

    • If you read the article, I said I didn't watch the parade and was prompted to look into Crawfords speech after seeing the tweet.

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