Learn To Talk Bahstin With The Patriots’ Vince Wilfahk & Celtics’ Legend Paul Pierce (VIDEOS)


People tend to mahk fun of the Bahstin accent. Even my own wife who is frahm the friggin Philippines makes fun of the way I tahlk.

What a pissah!

People are just jealous becauze, Bahstin is the birthplace of freedahm & the city of Champiohns. See even formah Celtics star Paul Pierce and the Pats Vince Wilfahk have acquired the Bahstin accent.

Damn sounds like Wilfahk has grown up here his whole friggin life. It’s WICKED Pissah! Hey big Vince, bring home anothah Supah Bowl this year!

Paul Pierce going to Brooklyn is brahking my friggin harht!


Stay true To Bahstin “Truth”, you will be missed!

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