Bruins Beat: We Know “The Jagr” Loves The Ladies, But The Yankees? FML (PHOTOS)


The Jagr’s stint with the Boston Bruins will be one to remember. He became a hockey pop culture icon.

There was the playoff beard modeled after the Wolverine.

The songs on the awesomeness that is Jaromir Jagr .

And of course the unveiling of the Jagr’s favorite player growing up. Ironically enough, it was Jaromir Jagr.

Unfortunately, the Jagr era in Boston has ended with him signing with the Devils.  However, the Jagr hung around Boston for about the month.

He probably wanted to give a sexy time to the bevy of babes that dropped their panties for the “Czech Charmer”.

He was departing  Boston via Logan Airport when these pictures were taken:


(PHOTOS: Facebook)




Sure, The Jagr looks dreamy and I would probably drop my drawers for him too, but what up with the FRIGGIN’ Yankees Shirt?!

FML Jaromir……how could you do this to Boston?

Was this his Andy Ference “Unintentional Bird” to the city?

Probably not, but come on dude, you are BETTER than that!

Pot Of Baked Beans Goes To Erika Leigh!

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