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Sox GM Ben Cherington

Sox GM Ben Cherington

WRAP-UP:  With another trade deadline coming and going it’s hard not to call the Red Sox “winners” this time around.  They added much needed pitching depth with Jake Peavy and Matt Thornton and set it up so they could use a guy like Workman in the bullpen and if and when Buchholz comes back they will have 6 starters to use.  I’m sure they could find an upgrade at 3B or the bullpen if need be in the waiver period.  Until then the team that they have looks pretty good for the stretch.

In the division the Rays made a really good deal for Jesse Crain and have some depth which might become an issue with Matt Moore’s injury.  Even if they knew about the Moore injury earlier I have a hard time seeing the Rays adding too much to their payroll.  The O’s acquired pitching depth with Scott Feldman, Bud Norris and Francisco Rodriguez but it’s almost as if they are stockpiling quantity rather than quality to keep up with the Rays and Sox.  All 3 offenses remain intact besides Iglesias being removed from the Sox.  The Yankees did nothing and they may be better off given their current position.  The Jays stay pat as well.  We’ll see if it’s a different story in the off-season in regards to all of the big money contracts that they have for little return.  That’s all for this year’s trade deadline – same time next year…

P.S. As far as the last trade looks like nothing doing:

Would be curious to know what that deal was.

4:00 UPDATE: DEADLINE PASSES WITH A WHIMPER:  Not much went down in the last hour besides the Norris deal.  This might be the deadest trade deadline that I have ever witnessed.  It seems like a lot of teams are less willing to sell this early with the 2nd wild card.  There could be an active waiver wire month with guys like Aramis Ramirez and Josh Willingham possibly available.  It’s hard to argue with the Sox getting Jake Peavy for the stretch run as well as next season.

Other huge news coming out is that Rays starting pitcher Matt Moore has gone on the DL with elbow soreness.  That could be a big blow to them if he is out for any extended length of time.

On another note it looks like there may be one more trade so stay tuned:

ORIOLES GET NORRIS:  The Orioles have jumped into the pitching market by acquiring Astros’ starter Bud Norris

Didn’t want to get too in depth on the O’s possible acquisition of Norris before the trade was official but this seems like a reactionary move for the O’s.  Norris is the type of guy that you acquire if you already have guys ahead of him which the Orioles do not have.  It’s almost as they seem like they needed to make a move since the Rays got Price back from the DL and the Sox got Jake Peavy.  We’ll see how this deal works out for them but they are now 4.5 games behind the Red Sox who have just acquired Jake Peavy and 5 games behind the Rays who show no signs of slowing down.

3:00 UPDATE, JOHN FARRELL SPEAKS:  John Farrell spoke to the media in the last half hour.  Among the notables was that Peavy will start sometime this weekend, we’ll see how they shuffle the rotation around as a result.  Most likely Peavy will slide into the spot currently occupied by Brandon Workman.  Regarding third base Farrell seemed non-committal on a long term plan going forward which leads me to believe they are in on the 3B market.  We’ll see if Michael Young has some traction or there is someone else out there.  Other than that all is still quiet.  We’ll see if talks pick up in the final hour.  I am a bit surprised that Bud Norris hasn’t been moved yet but I’d expect it will happen sometime between here and 4:00.

MICHAEL YOUNG UPDATE PART II:  The Michael Young sweepstakes are starting to look like a soap opera.  Multiple reports now say that Young will accept a deal to the Yankees but there is one caveat – no one has told that Yankees of this yet.  Buster Olney has an interesting theory:

Meanwhile the first deal of the day is all but complete – Kennedy to the Padres and business is picking up on Bud Norris with many teams in on him.  I see him going down early so the losing teams can scramble for their plan B’s.

2:00 UPDATE:  Well it looks like there is finally going to be some action although nothing to get Red Sox fans too excited about.  The Padres are closing in on acquiring Diamondbacks starting pitcher Ian Kennedy.  It’s an interesting deal between two teams in the same division especially since the D-Backs still see themselves in contention.  It’s all quiet on the AL East front.  The Sox still seem pretty lukewarm on Michael Young and while the Yankees are hopeful that they can land him he doesn’t exactly seemed to be enamored with entering into that situation.  There are a lot of coals in the fires right now.  We’ll see which ones develop into full-blown flames.

1:00 UPDATE:  Not much action going on but again the sellers aren’t in a hurry in a competitive market.  The Sox continue to look in on right-handed relievers such as the Mariners’ Tom Wilhelmsen and the Padres’ Luke Gregorson.  The bullpen market is thin so expect these to come down to the deadline.  Meanwhile Gordon Edes reports that it looks unlikely that the Red Sox strike a deal for Michael Young

I bet things start picking up in an hour or so.

12:00 UPDATE:  T minus 4 hours until the trade deadline.  There hasn’t been much action but this close to the deadline there isn’t much motivation for the sellers to get a quick deal done.  The big news of the last hour was a change in Michael Young’s willingness to come to Boston.  We’ll see if the Sox and Phillies are motivated enough to make a deal.  The Orioles continue to be in on Bud Norris but they face stiff competition from the likes of the Braves and Diamondbacks among others.  Norris is the best starting option left on the market with Peavy being picked up by the Sox.  Haven’t heard much on the Yankees…maybe they are conceding that giving up their limited pieces to chase what looks to be 3 superior teams at this point is a bad idea?

MICHAEL YOUNG UPDATE:  There were mixed signals yesterday regarding whether or not Michael Young was willing to waive his no-trade clause to come to Boston.  While it was clear that Young would accept a deal to the Rangers there was talk that Texas was the only team he would accept a trade to apparently things have changed today

We’ll see how, if at all, this effects the Sox’ deadline strategy.  With the Iglesias trade there is certainly a spot for Young at third.

11:00 AM UPDATE:  All is quiet on the trade front right now.  Just a quick check on things in the AL East from the rumblings this AM – The Orioles may be the most active team today.  They need pitching and lots of it to keep pace with the Rays and Sox.  With Peavy off the market look for them to be involved in the secondary starter market with a guy like the Astros’ Bud Norris or the Rockies’ Jorge de la Rosa.  They need bullpen help too just like the Red Sox.  The Rays already acquired Jesse Crain which is more than they usually do at a deadline so I don’t expect much more from them.  Keep an eye on the Sox in the reliever and infield market (Brock Holt, not Middlebrooks was called up for Iglesias).  The Yankees need a ton of help to stay in this thing so we’ll keep an eye on them.  It doesn’t look like Jays are in full sell mode right now but they can move a few pieces like Emilio Bonafacio and some of their bullpen guys.

The Red Sox have already made a big splash but there are still moves to be made so I will be with you all day updating everything that is happening on the trade front.  We’ll check in with the Rays, Orioles, and maybe even the Yankees as well.  The Sox had a quiet trade deadline last year but now that they are only 5 wins away from last year’s total and in the thick of the playoff race I’d expect more action from the Sox today.

Just a side note of reflection before we begin but who would have thought that the Red Sox would be in the thick of the race and on pace for 95+ wins at the trade deadline when the season started?  I certainly didn’t.  Hats off to ben Cherington for building this team including the trade he made last night.  Let’s see what he does today.

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