Whine Connoisseur: Penguins Star Sidney Crosby Cuts The Line At The DMV


Bruins fans saw first hand how much of a whiner and complainer Penguins star, Sidney Crosby was in the Eastern Conference Finals. He NEVER gave Boston any credit and NEVER took any blame.

He is just a Whine Connoisseur, a person of informed and discriminating taste when it comes to being a baby.

Can you say ENTITLEMENT?

And it looks like he whined his way to the front of the line at the DMV:



Morehouse is among many Crosby supporters — from agent Pat Brisson to former Penguins teammate Max Talbot — who denounced criticism Crosby has received in some circles for reportedly being moved to the front of line while renewing his driver’s license last week.

Crosby, who turned 26 on Wednesday, said he renewed the license Friday at the Department of Motor Vehicles branch in McCandless. His presence caused a stir among fans, and DMV supervisors followed procedure to let Crosby move quickly through the line because of his celebrity status.

You know for a fact that Crosby was whining and complaining that he had to wait in line like any average Joe.


God forbid he would tell the DMV officials that he would wait his turn like everyone else. I find it highly unlikely a riot was going to break out at the Department of Motor Vehicles in Pittsburgh.

Can he be any more douchy?

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